Brigette Gabriel on Global Anti-Semitism

A brave speech was delivered by the very heroic Brigitte Gabriel at the United Nations on September 8, 2014 during a symposium on Global Anti-Semitism: A Threat To International Peace And Security. Read this speech here:

Tolerating Hate Is Not an Option

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They say anti-Semitism is a lot like alcoholism. Every recovering alcoholic knows their disease has no cure—that the seeds for its active return are always there, just below the surface of normalcy, requiring a constant lifelong vigilance to prevent. So, too, with anti-Semitism, sometimes called the world’s oldest hatred. No matter how long it may appear dormant, it never goes away. It is always there.

Just as a successful virus must mutate to survive changing immune systems, so too must anti-Semitism mutate to survive changing times. Today’s most virulent strain of anti-Semitism is that which focuses not on Jews as individuals but on the Jews as a nation. Today’s anti-Semitism doesn’t use language or race or religion to slander Jews; instead, it uses the language of human rights to delegitimize and discredit the state of the Jews.

Israel is the only country on earth actively targeted for annihilation—and not just by a few. . .

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“If you wanna criticize Israel that’s cool, but . . . “

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Listen: New Ari Lesser Song Compares Hamas to Al Qaeda, Taliban
American-Jewish rapper’s new single questions western support for fundamentalist Islamic terror group.!

Canada’s PM to be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for His Support of Israel

Canada’s PM to be Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for His Support of Israel
By Ahuva Balofsky

B’nai Brith of Canada announced Friday it intends to nominate Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for a Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of his staunch and unwavering support of Israel.
“With recent developments across the globe posing new and difficult challenges, only one leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has maintained the moral clarity needed to face them, says B’nai Brith Canada,” reads the press release.
B’nai Brith CEO Frank Dimant said, “Moral clarity has been lost across much of the world, with terror, hatred and antisemitism filling the void. Throughout, there has been one leader which has demonstrated international leadership and a clear understanding of the differences between those who would seek to do evil, and their victims. More than any other individual, he has consistently spoken out with resolve regarding the safety of people under threat — such as opposing Russian aggression and annexation of Ukrainian territory — and has worked to ensure that other world leaders truly understand the threat of Islamic terrorism facing us today.”


An insider’s tell-all on the media war against Israel

Barbara Kay: An insider’s tell-all on the media war against Israel

In the historical scheme of things, Israel’s summer war with Gaza was small potatoes. But western media, largely critical of Israel, made a banquet of it. And in the familiar way of most western media, the main course was well-roasted Israel.
Anti-Zionists tend to dismiss such charges as conspiracy theories, pointing to the few pro-Zionist or even-handed publications they insist dominate the debate (such as the National Post). But now comes a credible media insider with evidence that isn’t so easily rebutted. Matti Friedman, a journalist and author, worked as a reporter and editor in the Jerusalem bureau of Associated Press (AP) between 2006-11. His August 26 article in, “An insider’s guide to the most important story on earth,” explains how and why so many media covering the Middle East are essentially telling their audiences that Jews are the “worst people on earth.”

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From Zionism to Palestinianism: The Great Christian Betrayal!

“Christian Palestinianism is Replacement Theology on steroids! With any vestige of the Jewish roots of Christianity eradicated, Israel and the Jewish people will become irrelevant and this is a risk we cannot afford to take! Evangelicals who moved from Christian Zionism to Christian Palestinianism are putting Israel and the Jewish people at risk. Are they no longer reading their Bibles to believe in such lies as Yeshua being the first Palestinian? How can they biblically validate Palestine?”

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From Zionism to Palestinianism: The Great Christian Betrayal!
Olivier Jack Melnick

Iron Dome Intercepts More Than 10 Rockets at Once

Watch: Iron Dome Intercepts More Than 10 Rockets at Once

A video showing Iron Dome rockets fanning out to intercept multiple enemy rockets has gone contagiously viral worldwide.

The video appears to have been shot at a military checkpoint of some sort – possibly the Kerem Shalom crossing into Gaza. The white-smoke remains of at least 10 bursts that usually indicate an interception can be identified in the sky.

It has been viewed by more than 780,000 people in just one day since being uploaded to Youtube.!


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