Israel Stands Alone

Alone but not alone. . .

“Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.
The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.”
Psalm 121: 4,5

Op-Ed: Israel Holds the Free World’s Destiny in Her Hands

These stubborn Israeli Jews are alone – alone in resisting in a battle for all of us.

The people of Israel are valiant, going about their daily lives knowing that Muslim killers might explode a bomb or rocket in any public place at any time.

Even more valiant are the Israeli soldiers, who are now fighting inside Gaza, house by house, spied on by cruel eyes, hated by old and young, targeted by beheaders, longed for by their families. These lone Jews fighting in a long night hold the free world’s destiny in their hands.

These stubborn Israeli Jews are alone – alone in resisting in a battle for all of us. It has been calculated that since the year of the founding of the state, more than 60,000 rockets have fallen on Israel. The Israelis are victimized and they are alone, abandoned by the world — now, just as then. . .

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Not only are they alone, but to add insult to injury, they are interviewed by the biased media to the point of near exasperation. . .


The obvious answer to the ‘disproportion’ accusation in the above clip is this:

People who complain of “asymmetry” and “disproportion”—meaning that something has to be wrong because Israelis aren’t dying—could feel somewhat better on Sunday evening, as the IDF officially announced that the total of soldiers killed since Israel invaded Gaza on Thursday night now stood at 18, 13 of them in the previous 24 hours. . .

. . .The reasons for the “asymmetry” between Israeli and Palestinian casualties should be clear by now to anyone who is informed and has a conscience. Israel invests vast sums to protect its citizens, particularly with the Iron Dome missile-defense system; Hamas positions weapons stockpiles and command centers in and under mosques, schools, and hospitals. Israel goes to extraordinary lengths to warn Gazans of impending strikes, and encourages them to leave conflict zones; Hamas orders them to stay where they are.

It gets down to the moral difference between a democratic state with a Jewish ethos and a terror organization with a jihadist ethos. But it’s a distinction to which the world seems particularly resistant.

Source: Israel Batters Hamas —- Kerry to the Rescue

Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Support Israel

Billy Graham’s Son Urges Christians to Support Israel

Franklin Graham, son of legendary Christian evangelist Billy Graham, urged fellow Christians last week to support the State of Israel, on both moral and religious grounds.
Speaking at a solidarity event at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC, the younger Graham, himself an accomplished minister and evangelist, said the Bible makes clear that modern Israel should be an important issue for Christians.
“I support Israel not only because I worship a Jew, but because of what the Bible says about Israel and the future of Israel,” he said.
Graham’s remarks come at a time when more and more Evangelical Christians are abandoning support of Israel in favor of a new theology of social justice that serves Palestinian nationalist aspirations.
One of the talking points of this new theology is that modern Israel can not and must not be directly associated with the Israel of the Bible, that today’s Jewish state is not, as people like Franklin Graham preach, a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.


Israel: A Light to the Nations

“I am the LORD, I have called You in righteousness,
I will also hold You by the hand and watch over You,
And I will appoint You as a covenant to the people,
As a light to the nations
” Isaiah 42:6

“Nations will come to your light,
And kings to the brightness of your rising.”
Isaiah 60:3

Look . . .

5 Year Time Check (on Purim)

Just over five years ago, on January 19, 2009 . . . a timely challenge was offered.

“. . . the incoming president got a pointed reminder Sunday morning of what lies just ahead. Ignoring his mentor-turned-nemesis, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who was preaching in a Washington pulpit, Mr. Obama took his family instead to an old-line Baptist congregation, there to hear the pastor tell of the saga of Queen Esther, the Jewish queen of ancient Persia – now Iran – who by wit and wile saved ancient Israel from destruction. Said the pastor, the Rev. Derrick Hawkins, to the man seated on the second row: “Perhaps, just perhaps, you are where you are for just such a time.” No one could miss the point of the sermon.

SOURCE: The honeymoon ends promptly at noon
Monday, January 19, 2009

Amidst Iran & Syria crises, Netanyahu holds 4th Bible study session with Jewish scholars in Jerusalem.

Amidst Iran & Syria crises, Netanyahu holds 4th Bible study session with Jewish scholars in Jerusalem.

One of the most interesting but least known aspects in the life of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is that he has developed quite an interest in studying the Bible in recent years. The premier was not raised in a religious home growing up. But as he has gotten older, he has developed a noticeable curiosity in the ancient Scriptures.

Netanyahu and his wife, Sara, host a Bible study group in Jerusalem, Sept. 17 (Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post)

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Does “Frankenstorm” tie into America’s stance on Israel?

“Both political parties have now accepted, specifically, a two-state solution to peace in the Mideast, dividing Israel’s land between Israel and a Palestinian state,” Koenig told WND. “And now this hurricane story is going to disrupt political campaigning and possibly affect voter turnout for both parties.

“There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes pressure on Israel by the Obama administration, to not act on Iran prior to the election,” Koenig continued, “but the most succinct correlation is that both parties have officially endorsed the two-state solution.”

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‘When we put pressure on Israel to divide their land, we have record-setting events’


God, Judgment and the Weather: The Israel Factor

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NETANYAHU TO START BIBLE STUDY IN HIS HOME: Pray that all Israelis follow his lead and begin reading the Word, like in the days of King Josiah

I read a fascinating story in the Jerusalem Post this morning and it gave me fresh hope for the nation of Israel. ”Taking a page out of David Ben-Gurion and Menachem Begin’s playbook, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will begin hosting a regular Bible study group in his official residence for researchers, public officials and invited guests, “reports the Post. “Netanyahu announced the establishment of the study circle on Friday at a ceremony marking 30 days since the passing of his father-in-law, Shmuel Ben-Artzi. The study group will be named after Ben-Artzi, a noted poet and Bible teacher. Both Ben-Gurion and Begin, when they each served as prime minister, hosted regular Bible study groups. Netanyahu said he was establishing the class to perpetuate love of the Bible.” Interestingly, in recent years Netanyahu — who has never described himself as a religious person — appears to have been developing a deeper interest in Bible study.

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Judea & Samaria or the West Bank?

Those Surrounding Israel to Be Devoured!

Those Surrounding Israel to Be Devoured!

By Bill Salus

The prophet Zechariah informs us in chapter 12 that those peoples surrounding Israel, will someday be devoured by Israel. The key to understanding portions of his prophecy rests in recognizing the direct correlation between Zechariah 12:2 and Zechariah 12:6.

“Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples, when they lay siege against Judah and Jerusalem. (Zec. 12:2, nkjv; emphasis added)

Someday Jerusalem becomes a cup of “raal” in the Hebrew, which is commonly translated as reeling, trembling, or drunkenness. This occurs when the surrounding peoples lay siege against both Judah and Jerusalem. This cup of “raal” should not be confused with the “heavy stone” classification of Jerusalem in the following passage.

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ISRAEL, PROPHECY AND THE “DAY OF THE LORD”: Understanding the Book of Joel

ISRAEL, PROPHECY AND THE “DAY OF THE LORD”: Understanding the Book of Joel — Part One

This week marks the 44th anniversary of the Six Day War, the historic reunification of Jerusalem under Jewish control, and the dramatic retaking of the Biblical heartland known as Judea and Samaria by the prophetically reborn Jewish State. It is a week of celebration for Israeli Jews, but a week of mourning and violent protests for Israel’s Arab neighbors. As I write this, Iranian leaders says the End of Days has come and the Twelfth Imam will emerge from occultation very soon. They are calling for the annihilation of Israel, sending an Iranian submarine to the Red Sea, and a new report says Iran could build nuclear weapons in just two months. Meanwhile, violence is spiking on the Syrian-Israeli border and the Egyptians have just legalized the Muslim Brotherhood as a political party.

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A WAKE UP CALL FOR ISRAEL AND THE CHURCH: Understanding the Book of Joel — Part Two

A TRUMPET CALL FOR ISRAEL AND THE CHURCH: Understanding the Book of Joel — Part Three

Is The Modern State Of Israel Prophetically Significant?

Is The Modern State Of Israel Prophetically Significant?
Dr. Randell Price

In a conversation on religious questions, Fredric II, King of Prussia (1740-1786) asked Joachim von Zieten, General of the Husars, whom he esteemed highly as a Christian for his plain and uncompromised views, “Give me proof for the truth of the Bible in two words!” To which Zeiten replied, “Your majesty, the Jews!” The General’s statement reflected his understanding of not only the miraculous preservation of the Jewish people, but his belief that their preservation was for the purpose of bringing God’s unfulfilled promises to pass. To Zeiten, the present existence of the Jewish people was proof that God’s Word was true because Scripture had promised that they would remain until all that had been prophesied concerning them was fulfilled. Remarkably, this expression of faith was made in a day when the Land of Israel was desolate of a Jewish population and the majority of Jews were scattered among the nations.

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Yom Yerushalim / Jerusalem Day

Yom Yerushalim / Jerusalem Day
JUNE 2ND, 2011

May God Bless Jerusalem and all of her lost souls, Jew & Arab alike, and may many come to a saving faith in The Messiah Yeshua. May He open the eyes of the Jews, the Moslems, and of the nominal Christians in the apostate, liberal, and idolatrous churches within her walls. May He richly Bless the saved believers of Jerusalem – Jew, Arab, and otherwise.

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Netanyahu on Jerusalem Day: This city is ours!

Going back to the Bible

Going back to the Bible
Op-ed: With many of our PR tactics failing, let’s use Bible to reinforce our right for this land
Avi Rath

While facing the nations of the world, the State of Israel’s public relations officials tried everything, ranging from the security argument, through the narrow borders and all the way to the strategic threat. Yet it’s not working and remains unconvincing. When we adopt this kind of PR, the world tries to come up with solutions to the security problem: Utilizing satellites, cameras, electronic fences, multinational forces, demilitarized zones and all sorts of other creative notions.

We tried PR strategies premised on various arguments. We made use of the Holocaust, the expulsion from Spain, the Crusades and anti-Semitism. We enlisted all the blood libels to the cause in an effort to prove our righteousness, yet it hasn’t worked either. In fact, we have seen the opposite effect. Suddenly we discover that not only Turkey boycotts us, but also Scotland, not to mention the British academic boycott and all sorts of other such moves.

After trying so many ineffective PR methods, perhaps we would do well to go back to the simple approach – the Bible.

More here:,2506,L-4077344,00.html

Savage: Bible shows what’s next for Israel

Savage: Bible shows what’s next for Israel
‘Ezekiel predicts what’s going to happen: There will be a war’

When President Obama called yesterday for Israel to pull back to the borders that existed before the 1967 Six-Day War – lines Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called militarily “indefensible” – top-rated nationally syndicated radio host Michael Savage turned to the Bible for a glimpse of the Middle East’s future.

“Ezekiel is predictive of what’s going to happen,” Savage said as he read from the Hebrew scriptures on the air. “There will be a war.”

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Ban on Jewish and Muslim Custom to appear on ballot

Circumcision Ban to Appear on San Francisco Ballot
Supporters say the practice is genital mutilation, opponents call claims misleading

By Robin Hindery The Associated Press

A proposal to ban the circumcision of male children in San Francisco has been cleared to appear on the November ballot, setting the stage for the nation’s first public vote on what has long been considered a private family matter.

But even in a city with a long-held reputation for pushing boundaries, the measure is drawing heavy fire. Opponents are lining up against it, saying a ban on a religious rite considered sacred by Jews and Muslims is a blatant violation of constitutional rights.

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10This is my covenant, which ye shall keep, between me and you and thy seed after thee; Every man child among you shall be circumcised.

11And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant betwixt me and you.

12And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every man child in your generations, he that is born in the house, or bought with money of any stranger, which is not of thy seed.

13He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.

14And the uncircumcised man child whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken my covenant.

Genesis 17:10-14

Will Obama’s Judgment on Israel bring Judgment to the U.S.?

“The President made an enormous mistake this week in calling for the Land of Israel to be divided and Jerusalem to be divided along pre-1967 borders. This is in direct defiance of the Bible. It won’t work, and it will bring judgment to the U.S., according to Joel chapter 3. Please pray that the President changes his heart and changes course very soon.”

-Joel Rosenberg

WHAT IS THE WAR OF GOG AND MAGOG? Part Three — the good news

WHAT IS THE WAR OF GOG AND MAGOG? Part Three — the good news

(Jerusalem, Israel) – Here is “Part Three” of my notes from an address I gave on Friday, May 6th to a conference of some 300 Israelis and Palestinians on ”Current Events In Light of Bible Prophecy.” My focus was Ezekiel 38-39, the prophecies that Bible scholars describe as the “War of Gog & Magog.”

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Jewish Leaders Write UN: ‘Bible Records Israel as Jewish Land’

Jewish Leaders Write UN: ‘Bible Records Israel as Jewish Land’

By Dr. David Hocking
Hope for Today

Jewish Leaders Write Letter to United Nations
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu (IsraelNationalNews)

A letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon from Yesha (Judea & Samaria) Leaders explains that the Bible, the Quran, and international agreements document Israel as being the Land of the Jewish People.

The signatories threatened to sue Ban if he continues “to ignore the historical and legal facts enclosed in this letter and continues with the present unjust and illegal policies of the United Nations.”

Citing the Bible as “recording for all time the awarding of the Land of Israel to the forefathers of the Jewish People by the Creator of the world,” the letter tells Ban it gives him the “opportunity to correct the deviation of the nations from international law in accordance with the responsibilities of your position and thus obviate the measures undoubtedly to be inflicted on those who act contrary to the Covenant of the Almighty with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

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Is the President’s Plan to Divide Jerusalem God’s Plan?

Is the President’s Plan to Divide Jerusalem God’s Plan?
by John Claeys

The N.Y. Times reports that President Obama has created his own diplomatic plan to rival the plan of Israeli P.M. Netanyahu. Obama’s plan would split Jerusalem, giving the Eastern half to the Palestinians.

But herein lies the problem. The Eastern side of Jerusalem contains the Temple Mount, the area which has contained the two Jewish temples. In addition, the Bible tells us that another temple will be constructed. In fact, it will be built as a key component of the end-times treaty, the seven-year covenant with Israel that starts the clock ticking on the final seven years before the return of Christ.

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The Daniel Project

“Want to know what’s happening to this mad world, watch this and you will understand!”

- thedanielproject Review page …

Read about The Daniel Project HERE.

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Passover Story (((((A MUST SEE)))))

Passover Story (((((A MUST SEE)))))

Concerning events in The Middle East

The word of the LORD came again to me saying, “Son of man, prophesy and say, `Thus says the Lord GOD, “Wail, `Alas for the day!’ ~Ezekiel 30:1

Moriel Ministries Be Alert Update
April 11, 2011

…Concerning events in The Middle East, the never ending chain of “breaking news” is more or less just a 24/7 rumor mill that causes just as much confusion and deception as it can actual real information. Additionally, the speed of today’s technology allows no time for analysis and digestion, just regurgitation. I have always tried to stress the point that the only way to make sense of events in the world is to view them through the filter of Scripture, as Scripture filters out the error, lies and disinformation from the truth. The challenge of course is making sure that our interpretation of Scripture is correct to begin with, if that is off, then our filter of current events will be off….

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Bible warns nations not to divide the land of Israel


Christian leaders around the world need to wake up and take notice of a rising new threat to Mideast security: the leaders of the Palestinian people are planning to go to the U.N. General Assembly this September and unilaterally declare their state in the “pre-1967 war borders,” and a dangerous momentum of international political support for this plan is growing.

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Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Psalm 122

1 I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.

2 Our feet shall stand within thy gates, O Jerusalem.

3 Jerusalem is builded as a city that is compact together:

4 Whither the tribes go up, the tribes of the LORD, unto the testimony of Israel, to give thanks unto the name of the LORD.

5 For there are set thrones of judgment, the thrones of the house of David.

6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee.

7 Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces.

8 For my brethren and companions’ sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee.

9 Because of the house of the LORD our God I will seek thy good.


by Hillel Fendel (IsraelNationalNews)

The very festive holiday of Purim will begin on Saturday night – not, as in most years, directly after the Fast of Esther, which is commemorated today (Thursday). The fast was advanced because the Sabbath is not allowed to be a day of fasting, and neither may the fast be shifted to Friday (as opposed to the Fast of Tevet, which sometimes falls a-priori on Friday). The first available day for the pre-Purim fast, therefore, was Thursday.

The Purim holiday will last until Sunday evening; in Jerusalem, it begins Sunday evening and ends at sundown on Monday. In some areas it is celebrated on both days. The criteria for the date is whether the city was walled in the times of Joshua Bin-Nun’s conquest of the Land of Israel – a standard set by the Sages in order to aggrandize the stature of the Land of Israel.

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Christian Palestinianism and the anti-Israel Crusade

“Prophets Who Prophesy Lies In My Name”

Christian Palestinianism and the anti-Israel Crusade
By Paul Wilkinson


This document is based on a Powerpoint presentation I gave on December 7, 2010, at the 19th Annual Pre-Trib Study Group Conference in Dallas/Fort Worth (available from the address at the end of the document). The title was taken from the words spoken by the LORD to Jeremiah about the false prophets of Israel. I believe that an application of this prophecy can be made to those who believe and teach that God has rejected Israel and replaced her with the Church, and who give political, economic, and theological expression to this erroneous belief…

To read the full content of this very important article from today’s Moriel Ministries update, click HERE.


IRAN, ISRAEL AND THE THREAT OF ANNIHILATION: Modern Day Lessons From The Book of Esther

We’ve just posted on The Joshua Fund website a new article I’ve written called, “Iran, Israel and the Threat of Annihilation: Modern Day Lessons From The Book of Esther“. It includes fascinating excerpts from a new CNN interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Piers Morgan on the Iranian nuclear threat and the savage killing by Islamic Radicals of an entire Jewish family in Israel while they slept. I hope you’ll take a moment to read it.

NOTE: The holiday of “Purim” commemorating these events begins Saturday evening. If you’re a pastor or Bible teacher, would you consider preaching and teaching on the Book of Esther? If you’re a father or mother, would you consider taking some time this weekend to take your children through the Book of Esther and help them understand God’s love for the Jewish people and His heart for saving them when they prayed and fasted?

More here:

Israel: The Super Sign of the End-Times (Part 7)

Israel: The Super Sign of the End-Times (Part 7)

By Todd Baker
B’rit Hadashah Ministries

The regathering and restoration of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland of Israel is one of the most prominent and recurring prophecies in Holy Scripture. As previously mentioned in past articles in this series, the Bible mentions two periods in which the Jewish people would be scattered from the land of Israel due to their disobedience to God.

More (and parts 1-6) here:

Israel: The Super Sign of End Times

Israel: The Super Sign of End Times (Part 4)

By Todd Baker
B’rit Hadashah Ministries

There have been two dispersions in Israel’s history collectively referred to as the Diaspora. The first dispersion of Jews from the land of Israel began in 721 B.C. when the Assyrians invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel and led them away into captivity for their gross idolatry and disobedience to the Law of Moses (Isaiah 10:5-7; 2 Kings 17:5-23). The last stage of this dispersion occurred in 586 B.C. At that time, the Babylonian armies led by King Nebuchadnezzar laid siege against Jerusalem and conquered the Southern Kingdom and took the Jews of Judea and Jerusalem captive into Babylon for seventy years (Jeremiah 25:4-12; Daniel 9:1-2; 2 Chronicles 36:14-20). In 539 B.C., the Persian king, Cyrus, issued a decree allowing 50,000 Jews to return to the land of Israel under the leadership of Ezra, Zerubbabel, and Nehemiah (Ezra 1:1-6:22; Nehemiah 11:1-13:31).

Read more (+ parts 1-3) here:

Actor Jon Voight hopes his daughter Angelina Jolie will join him in Israel visit

Actor Jon Voight hopes his daughter Angelina Jolie will join him in Israel visit

JERUSALEM – Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight says he hopes his daughter Angelina Jolie will join him soon on a visit to the Jewish state.

A longtime Israel supporter, Voight is visiting the country with likely U.S. presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Voight was for years estranged from Jolie. He said on Tuesday his celebrity daughter was well aware of his “affection for Israel and the Jewish people,” but that he doesn’t know where she stands on Israel.

More here:

Jolie is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations.

Listen to Jon Voight express his love for Israel during a recent visit:

Jon Voight: God gave this land to the Jewish people

The United State’s treatment of Israel and natural disasters

God, Judgment and the Weather: God Incidences

How has the United States’ treatment of Israel brought about many of its latest natural disasters?

I believe many of the blessings of the United States have been due to the fact that we have been a safe haven for the Jews. We are one of the only nations in the world that has not launched pogroms against them or persecutions, and also because we have been Israel’s best friend ever since the state was reestablished in 1948.

But, the Bible says that in the end times ALL the nations of the world will turn against Israel over the issue of Jerusalem. Sadly, in the early 90’s, the United States joined the rest of the world in their opposition to Israel. We did so primarily to ensure our access to Arab oil.

More here:


God, Judgment and the Weather: The Israel Factor

Australians flee as ‘catastrophic’ cyclone Yasi approaches

Colossal storm roars across nation
Paralyzing ice, snow across 2,000-mile path could impact 100 million

Monster Blizzard Blasts Into Chicago Area

OR… you can blame it all on global warming, like Al Gore:

An Answer for Bill February 1, 2011 : 11:43 AM

Last week on his show Bill O’Reilly asked, “Why has southern New York turned into the tundra?” and then said he had a call into me. I appreciate the question.

As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming:

“In fact, scientists have been warning for at least two decades that global warming could make snowstorms more severe. Snow has two simple ingredients: cold and moisture. Warmer air collects moisture like a sponge until it hits a patch of cold air. When temperatures dip below freezing, a lot of moisture creates a lot of snow.”

“A rise in global temperature can create all sorts of havoc, ranging from hotter dry spells to colder winters, along with increasingly violent storms, flooding, forest fires and loss of endangered species.”


Read response to Al Gore’s blog by Brian Sussman, author of Climategate:
Gore’s Got It Wrong: It’s Just Bad Weather

These events fit the prophetic agenda of Scripture like a glove

“We are heading straight into a quagmire threatening an oil crisis and setting the stage for a Psalm 83 scenario and preparing the way for Gog and Magog.

What we may be certain of the following:

* As always , nations – including the USA – get the leaders they deserve no matter how corrupt and worthless and irrespective of political party.

* Each time America and other nations curse Israel they reap the whirlwind in judgment.

* These events fit the prophetic agenda of Scripture like a glove…”


Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Etc.

The holiness of Israel

The holiness of Israel
Posted on Thursday 6 January 2011

Some Christians are so bugged by Israel that they suffer in their health.

They are bugged at the Jews being “God’s Chosen People.” It irks them no end that their God calls Israel His “special treasure.” And as for Him referring to them as “a holy nation!” Well!

Also hard to stomach is the Almighty’s affixing of the name of their founding fathers to His own great and holy Name: He is forever “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” He is “The God of Israel” and “The LORD God of the armies of Israel.”

He is not “The God of George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.” He is not known as “The God of England or the God of France.” And He most certainly does not go by the title “The God of the armies of NATO.”

Man! That really gets under some people’s skin – under some CHRISTIANS’ skin!

More here:

Palestine: Its Origin, Composition and Future

Palestine: Its Origin, Composition and Future

Prof. Johan Malan, Mossel Bay, South Africa (February 2011)

Intense international interest in the creation of a Palestinian state within the traditional territory of Israel is heading for a climax in the very near future. Major world powers as well as international bodies are directly involved with the establishment of such a state, thereby raising its significance to a key factor in efforts to secure peace and a new balance of power in the Middle East as well as the whole world.

However, serious fears are already expressed that the entire process of promoting the emergence of Palestine will not only be to the detriment of Israel but in fact threaten its very existence. From a biblical point of view, a future world without the physically and spiritually restored Israel will be an evil world that will open the way for the global control of the Antichrist. This new world will be utterly anti-Jewish and anti-Christian.

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