The Dual Covenant Heresy: More End-Time Deception

The Dual Covenant Heresy: More End-Time Deception

by Jan Markell

If you hadn’t guessed, Olive Tree Ministries is pro-Israel. In fact, we would be labeled a “Christian Zionist” organization, which certain radio ministries have derided in a most non-Christian manner. We love the Jewish people and I have or had many Jewish family members who were believers. Others went to their graves ignoring the Messiah and His message.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to various “Nights to Honor Israel” being held around the country. A local mega-church in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has had some in recent years. I attended in 2007 and was so bitterly disappointed — in fact, sickened –that I chose not to go back last week. Forgive me if this takes on a twinge of being harsh. That is not my purpose. I am just passionate that all come to a knowledge of the Savior while there is time. I would also like to know when was the commandment to take the Gospel to the Jew abrogated? (Romans 1:16)

Both this year and last year the pastor of the Word of Faith mega-church ended the program by telling both Jews and non-Jews in the audience that the Jews do not need to be either evangelized or “saved.” They automatically are. Pray tell, where does the Bible say that?? The pastor said that “all Israel will be saved.” (Romans 11:26) Yes, they will be saved when they see Him whom they pierced. (Zechariah 12:10) But a remnant must be reached before that. What is to be made of the Jewish revival (or Messianic revival) of the last 35 years?

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Dual Covenant Theology

Dual Covenant Theology

Heresy: n 1: any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position [syn: unorthodoxy, heterodoxy] [ant: orthodoxy] 2: a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion

Because of their enthusiastic support for the Jews’ biblical right to the Land of Israel some Christian organizations are willing to compromise the New Testament teachings that salvation is obtained through Jesus Christ alone. In order to show the Jewish people that they harbor no hidden agenda through this support, they state that not only will they not proselytize Jews to the Christian faith but that Jews do not have to accept Jesus as their Messiah in order to be saved. Such a teaching is not only contrary to the clear teachings of Jesus and His apostles but it is the most heretical doctrine in Christianity because it strikes at the reason God sent His Son to earth in the first place. This teaching is known as the Two or Dual Covenant doctrine. The Dual Covenant theological position states that the Jews have a covenantal relationship with God through the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants and therefore do not need to accept the New Covenant or Testament made through Jesus Christ.

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Google’s Earth No Longer Links to Anti-Israel Propaganda

October 25, ’08
Google’s Earth No Longer Links to Anti-Israel Propaganda

by Aryeh Haffner

( Google Earth’s satellite map of Israel no longer links to subjective anti-Israel propaganda. After a moderate effort to bring this about, Democratic U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner of New York (Brooklyn and Queens) released a statement endorsing Google Inc.’s decision to do this.

Google Earth is an interactive program used by hundreds of millions of users around the world to access satellite photos of most of the world, even zoom in and see them in enough detail to find their house, backyard or car. The maps are not necessarily current, and depending on what part of the world one lived in then, one might recognize, by color and shape, the automobile s/he drove a decade or two ago, parked in their then-driveway, and that surprising little has changed.

Rep. Weiner included these examples of the anti-Israel links that had been found in Google Earth…

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Anti-Semitism in Britain

Reactions To The New Anti-Semitism In Britain

Seismic Shock

Many Britons deny the resurgence of anti-Semitism because they think of it as prejudice toward Jews as people and believe that it died with Hitler. The argument that attitudes toward Israel may be anti-Semitic strikes them as absurd. But consider the characteristics of anti-Semitism. It applies to the Jews expectations applied to no other people; it libels, vilifies, demonizes, and dehumanizes them; it scapegoats them not merely for crimes that they have not committed, but for crimes of which they are the victims; it holds them responsible for all the ills of the world. These characteristics remain precisely the same in today’s hatred of the Jewish state. Israel is held to standards expected of no other nation; it is libeled and vilified; it is blamed both for crimes that it has not committed and for those of which it is the victim; and it is held responsible for all the world’s misfortunes—most recently, Islamic terrorism.

So the Israel boycotts that have broken out in Britain are intrinsically anti-Semitic. The boycotters do not seek to cut ties with any other country, however tyrannical or murderous. They blame no other country for populations that have been displaced through war or other upheavals. And they expect no other nation that has held off its mortal enemies to defer to those aggressors and accede to their demands.

Britons also tend to suspect that Jews use the charge of anti-Semitism to divert attention from Israel’s crimes. This is why, for so many in Britain, the suggestion that anti-Semitism is enjoying a renaissance seems not only false but sinister. Outraged to be accused of peddling bigotry, they begin to hate those who level that charge—who, they conclude, are part of a conspiracy against truth.

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To The Church And Nation Of Britain

Ahmadinejad’s ‘excellent’ speech at the UN

Ahmadinejad’s ‘excellent’ speech at the UN
October 21, 2008

Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann, the 75-year-old Nicaraguan Catholic priest, winner of the International Lenin Peace Prize and newly elected president since September 16 of the UN General Assembly for the current session, is not just a “fan of plain words,” he is also a fan of heroic deeds. On September 23, we were witnesses to a 21st-century chamber of horrors at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly, when he said: “On behalf of the General Assembly, I wish to thank his excellency the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran and request the representatives to remain seated while I greet the president.”

Brockmann, who personally thanked “his excellency,” Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, for his “excellent” speech, which was dripping with anti-Zionism and hate, interrupted the session and rushed down the stairs to warmly, even enthusiastically, hug and kiss Ahmadinejad. Everyone in the hall clapped and cheered…

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Arabs who Love Israel

Why I love Israel

By an Arab Egyptian, with a Muslim background and an ex-member of one of the most fanatical Islamic groups in the history of Islam (JI).
T. Abdelhamid

I am a typical Arab- Egyptian- with a Muslim background.

As any Arab, I was brought up on hating Israel and the Jews. When I was four years old, the dehumanisation of the Jews everywhere around me led me to imagine them as green ugly people full of evil.

In the age of six or seven my father who was secular and open minded was reading in a history book and he showed me a photo….

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The Palestinians

The Palestinians

By Jim Fletcher

I had an email chat last week with a Palestinian Christian upset over my statements about the Holy Land belonging to the Jews. I want to present this week a view that hopefully will be seen as balanced.

Having had only Psychology 101 in college, I can only assume that there is a term that describes the demonization of victims. In this context, I am talking about the daily campaign to snuff-out the Jews. This effort, by a coalition of enemies, involves a multi-layered approach: diplomatic, media-driven, terror, religious, and economic. And I am admitting my bias upfront: in my world, Jews have been slaughtered and harassed for 60 years by Arabs who feed on hate. Yet, in our culture today, Israel is blamed. This is surely a psychological disorder….

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