Google’s Earth No Longer Links to Anti-Israel Propaganda

October 25, ’08
Google’s Earth No Longer Links to Anti-Israel Propaganda

by Aryeh Haffner

( Google Earth’s satellite map of Israel no longer links to subjective anti-Israel propaganda. After a moderate effort to bring this about, Democratic U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner of New York (Brooklyn and Queens) released a statement endorsing Google Inc.’s decision to do this.

Google Earth is an interactive program used by hundreds of millions of users around the world to access satellite photos of most of the world, even zoom in and see them in enough detail to find their house, backyard or car. The maps are not necessarily current, and depending on what part of the world one lived in then, one might recognize, by color and shape, the automobile s/he drove a decade or two ago, parked in their then-driveway, and that surprising little has changed.

Rep. Weiner included these examples of the anti-Israel links that had been found in Google Earth…

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