The Dual Covenant Heresy: More End-Time Deception

The Dual Covenant Heresy: More End-Time Deception

by Jan Markell

If you hadn’t guessed, Olive Tree Ministries is pro-Israel. In fact, we would be labeled a “Christian Zionist” organization, which certain radio ministries have derided in a most non-Christian manner. We love the Jewish people and I have or had many Jewish family members who were believers. Others went to their graves ignoring the Messiah and His message.

I have mixed feelings when it comes to various “Nights to Honor Israel” being held around the country. A local mega-church in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has had some in recent years. I attended in 2007 and was so bitterly disappointed — in fact, sickened –that I chose not to go back last week. Forgive me if this takes on a twinge of being harsh. That is not my purpose. I am just passionate that all come to a knowledge of the Savior while there is time. I would also like to know when was the commandment to take the Gospel to the Jew abrogated? (Romans 1:16)

Both this year and last year the pastor of the Word of Faith mega-church ended the program by telling both Jews and non-Jews in the audience that the Jews do not need to be either evangelized or “saved.” They automatically are. Pray tell, where does the Bible say that?? The pastor said that “all Israel will be saved.” (Romans 11:26) Yes, they will be saved when they see Him whom they pierced. (Zechariah 12:10) But a remnant must be reached before that. What is to be made of the Jewish revival (or Messianic revival) of the last 35 years?

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