Christian Palestinianism

According to the following article, “Christian Palestinianism” is “a relatively new, largely intellectual, professedly Christian, anti-Zionist movement [that] has sprung up alongside [Christian Zionism].” It is the polar opposite of Christian Zionism.

Christian Palestinianism
by Dr. Thomas Ice


3 Responses to Christian Palestinianism

  1. ivarfjeld says:

    Thanks a lot for this link. I needed to read this today. Feel free to take a look at another Christian Zionist site, and give feed back.

  2. irishanglican says:

    Since Israel is in a fight for their constant survival, and they are surrounded by enemies, what are we to think? The UK has given away their homeland, and it appears that America is on the same path? Christian Palestinianism is sort of an oxymoron to my mind. I am not an American, but am a Irish born Englander, at present in the US. I can feel the “alien” life as both a Christian (1 Peter 1:1 ; 2:11), and as one who feels the loss of their English and Judeo-Christian culture…to this postmodern and age of deconstruction.

    Fr. Robert (Anglican)

  3. ivarfjeld says:

    If there is no God of the Bible in Zion, than there is no God at all. If the promises that God gave the Jewish people are not everlasting, than even the Messiah is not everlasting. In my dictionary, everlasting mean forever. When I see the restoration of Israel, I can see a living God that is faithful to His Word. Open they eyes of my heart Lord.

    Saved wreck.

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