Sanhedrin and Judgment

Sanhedrin and Judgment

By Terry James

A fascinating pronouncement has been issued by the body of the same name that once made the most significant judgment of history to this point. The modern incarnation of the Sanhedrin, an initiative of recent years to recreate the traditional supreme legal tribunal in Judaism, sternly forewarned the United Nations Security Council of judgment to come. The Sanhedrin’s invective against the world body of nations stems from the UN issuing and standing by the Goldstone Commission condemnation that Israel committed war crimes during its anti-terror Cast Lead offensive in Gaza early this year.

The Sanhedrin letter to the UN expressed that the Goldstone Commission report was holding Israel up as guilty of war crimes in the Jewish state’s efforts to combat terrorism. This, while the nation was fighting the same enemies as delineated within the war on terrorism in which the civilized world has supposedly been engaged for years.

The letter stated that the Sanhedrin issued an injunction prohibiting any UN institutions from deliberating on such matters as expressed in the Goldstone report.

The Sanhedrin then explained by what authority it issues injunctions to the United Nations:

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