Answering Those Who Oppose Israel

Answering Those Who Oppose Israel

“Then I willlet you dwell in this place, in the land that I gave to your fathers foreverand ever.”


I have on more than one occasion heard Bible teacher Chuck Missler say that there is only one piece of real estate on planet earth where God has specifically said that it belongs to a specific people and that is Israel. Yet, that specified land is the most contested on the entire planet. This is true because God has spoken specifically on the matter. The fact that God’s clear Word is contested by so many means that Satan is behind such a consensus.

The dispersion of the Jewish people in a.d.70, their preservation as an ethnically distinct people during the nineteen hundred years of their scattering, and their regathering to form the modern state of Israel is a miracle brought about by the hand of God. The arrival of the modern state of Israel on the world scene in 1948 was a big boon to the premillennial understanding of the Bible. This vindicates—in history—our biblical belief that God has a future plan for the land of Israel and the Jewish people. In spite of these developments, there are a group of evangelicals who think that the current state of Israel has nothing to do with God’s biblical promises. How could anyone who claims to believe the Bible hold to such error? […]

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