Priest re-enacts Jesus miracle to lure tourists to Galilee town

Priest re-enacts Jesus miracle to lure tourists to Galilee town
By The Associated Press

Rural flight to big cities leaving Israel’s traditional small Christian towns like Kafr Kana to waste away.

In this small Galilee town of Kafr Kana, where tradition says Jesus turned water to wine, an ambitious priest hopes to perform his own miracle to revive a shrinking flock.

Father Masoud Abu Hatoum, nicknamed “the bulldozer” for his enthusiasm, has come up with a few ideas, like re-enacting the New Testament story of Jesus transforming the water for guests at a wedding in the Galilee hamlet of Cana, now this northern Israeli town of Kafr Kana.

“We have to attract people,” said Abu Hatoum, who looks as much rock star as priest with his trim beard and large wrap-around sunglasses.

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