Megachurch pastors are transformed in Israel

Megachurch pastors are transformed in Israel

An initiative by the Israel Ministry of Tourism encourages leaders to experience the Holy Land.

By Mark Dreistadt

“I never realized how significant a trip to Israel could be” was the universal response of the pastors and wives sitting around a table at the Scots Hotel near the Sea of Galilee. These individuals were the second group of megachurch leaders to be hosted by the Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) in a new initiative to encourage every megachurch pastor in the United States to have a personal Israel experience.

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Balaam – The Man Paid to Curse Israel

Balaam – The Man Paid to Curse Israel
Part 2

By: Pastor Bill Randles

In part one of this article we looked at the fact that the story of Balaam from the book of Numbers 22-25 has an unappreciated eschatological significance to it. The story is being played out again on the world stage. Once again there is an international unease with the fact that Israel is possessing the land that God gave her, in spite of the hatred and fear of her Middle Eastern neighbors.

The hatred is heightened by the frustrating fact that in spite of five major wars fought against Israel – by overwhelming numerically significant Arab armies – Israel has prevailed in ways that can only be called miraculous.

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Part 3

Jerusalem, Israel’s Forever

Jerusalem, Israel’s Forever

By Bill Keller

Each day, this nation gets further away from God and closer to seeing His wrath and judgment unleashed on our once great land. On top of legally slaughtering over 4,000 innocent babies each day, making a mockery of God’s Holy Institution of Marriage, embracing every type of sexual perversion man has thought up in his depraved mind, worshipping the false gods and idols of the world, and literally living in all-out rebellion to our Creator and His Truth, the United States is now standing with the ENEMIES OF ISRAEL! My friend, if we ever wanted to experience the wrath of God, we are doing everything we possibly can to see that it happens.

Memo to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton: Jerusalem belongs to Israel, ALL of it! If Israel wants to build settlements in Jerusalem, they can. The enemies of Israel have NO CLAIM to this land. We are on the verge of seeing God’s judgment poured out on this wicked nation, and now we are siding with the enemies of Israel? We are out of our mind! This is like going up to the biggest guy you can find on the street and spitting in his face. We are literally putting our middle finger in the air and screaming profanities at the top of our lungs to God!!!

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