Israel as pariah?

“This past week, Chomsky, a linguistics professor at MIT, was denied entrance into Israel, where he was due to give a lecture to students at Bir Zeit University, near the West Bank city of Ramallah; the institution is a hot-bed of Palestinian activism.

Instead, Chomsky gave the lecture via video link from Amman, Jordan, no doubt a country with which the leftwing Chomsky is rather chummy, given his anti-American, anti-Israel rantings of the past half-century.

Speaking to the press, Chomsky had this to say:

“He told the paper that Israel’s behaviour reminded him of that of South Africa in the 1960s, when it realised it was already considered a pariah, but thought it would resolve the problem with better public relations.”

Israel as pariah. How interesting…”

More here:

The New Apostasy Frontier
By Jim Fletcher


500 academics, students sign letter protesting Israel’s refusal to grant Noam Chomsky entry
The letter reads: Under democracy, we do not silence voices that express an opinion which is different than the dominant one. (printable article)

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