Anti-Semitism in mainstream Christianity

Anti-Semitism in mainstream Christianity
Exclusive: Joel Richardson contrasts Methodist action with founder Charles Wesley’s hope

In 1992, Dr. Michael Brown, a Jewish believer in Jesus, wrote the book “Our Hands are Stained with Blood.” Not only did Brown carefully document the shameful history of anti-Semitism in the Christian church, he also laid out a proper path of repentance. Perhaps the most wonderful trend within certain segments of the Christian church over the past 20 years has been an awakening to the truths laid out in Brown’s work. Many Christians have come to recognize the centrality of the Jewish people in God’s plan for the ages, the Jewish roots of their own faith and the church’s dramatic historical shortfall in appropriating these realities.

Sadly, however, many other segments of the church have not only failed to acknowledge the long historical slide away from their Jewish roots, but they have actually turned their backs on the clear warnings of Scripture, joining the growing global slide toward anti-Semitism.

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