Israel’s North American Friend

Israel’s North American Friend

By Terry James

While preparing to speak at a Bible prophecy conference in Canada last month, I discovered some interesting facts and figures about those fellow North Americans. I also learned of stark contrasts between the leadership of Israel’s North American key present-day “proponents.”

I put the word “proponents” in quotation marks because support for the Jewish state is subject to slippage these days as never before. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a true proponent of that prophetic nation. The North American continent encompasses the two national entities that have most been supportive of Israel’s right to exist – the United States of America and Canada. This support is in contravention to attitudes and policies of most other nations of the world. The United Nations pulses with collective hatred for the Jewish state. Pressures are on the rise to change the North American support for Israel from one that is more and more tenuous to that of support for enemies blood-vowed to wipe the Jews from the earth.

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