Post-Zionist Theology is an Attack on God’s Character

Post-Zionist Theology is an Attack on God’s Character

Surrounding by enemies on all sides, both literally and figuratively, Israel has long known that it can count on the Evangelical Christian Church as a stalwart ally, a shield against an increasingly aggressive campaign to reverse this nation’s divine restoration.

But that is starting to change. Within the Evangelical Church itself there is a growing trend toward a different view of Israel, one that questions whether or not the modern State of Israel has anything at all to do with God’s Word and His plans of redemption. At the forefront of that movement has been the documentary-style film “With God on Our Side,” which takes aim at Christians who use the Bible to justify their support of the Jewish state.

With very little mainstream Evangelical response to the film, Eliyahu Ben-Haim, director of Intercessors for Israel, felt compelled to do so in his booklet “Setting the Record Straight.”

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