“Buy”-cott Israel to counter the left’s boycotts

Lorne Gunter: “Buy”-cott Israel to counter the left’s boycotts
Lorne Gunter January 6, 2011 – 8:29 pm

I’ll keep this short: I’m off to the mall to find AHAVA products and maybe a Vanessa Paradis CD.

The AHAVA beauty products line is the target of the boycott-of-the-month campaign perpetuated by the ultra-pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel organization Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. The CJPME is also mad at Ms. Paradis, a French singer-songwriter, because she is scheduled to perform in Israel in February and so far has refused to cancel.

To counter such boycotts – which are becoming more common in the international NGO community’s war on Israel – I think it is important for friends of Israel to engage in “buy”-cotts.

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[Olive Press Editor’s note: read the comments below this National Post article to see the ugliness of anti-Semitism.]


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