Blueprints for The Holy Temple

The Greatest Progress Toward the Rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Modern History: Blueprints for The Holy Temple

Blueprints and Computer Animation of the Sanhedrin Chamber of Hewn Stone

In his recent USA speaking engagement tour, (January 2011), Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute revealed to the public for the very first time detailed construction plans for the Chamber of Hewn Stone: the seat of the Great Sanhedrin which is a central component of the Holy Temple complex on the Temple Mount. These complete and highly intricate plans constitute the first stage of an historical undertaking of the Temple Institute: the drafting of blueprints for the entire Holy Temple complex. These plans, drawn up by a top Israeli architectural firm hired by the Temple Institute, take into account the specific requirements of the Sanhedrin assembly hall, known historically as the Chamber of Hewn Stone. At the same time these plans incorporate modern technological infrastructure necessary to a twenty-first century facility: this includes internet ports, wireless communications systems, computer data storage, elevators, air conditioning and underground parking. All these modern amenities, and many more, have been integrated into the Sanhedrin structure without compromising the integrity of the great assembly’s physical or spiritual character.

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Blueprints and Computer Animation of the Sanhedrin Chamber of Hewn Stone


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  1. terry pell says:

    beautiful may god bless this project as a gentile i know we may not be welcome to visit the inner workings of the new temple but would love to see this completed in my lifetime I will pray for peace in Israel and godspeed for this magnificent temple to be built

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