Ancient Books Uncovered in Jordan May Date to Start of Christianity

Ancient Books Uncovered in Jordan May Date to Start of Christianity

One of the largest and best-preserved collections of ancient sealed books has been discovered in a cave in Jordan and are believed to be some of the earliest Christian documents, according to the BBC.

The 70 tiny books could date back to the first century. Carbon dating tests found that a piece of leather found with the scrolls was over 2000 years old.

Experts say the books, made of lead and copper and bound by rings, may be more significant than the Dead Sea Scrolls, BBC reports.

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Strategy to invade Israel posted on Facebook

Oh my. Strategy to invade Israel posted on Facebook …
Campaign states goal: ‘May the state of the sons of Zion fall’

By Bob Unruh

Social-networking sites, specifically Facebook, are being used to promote a campaign that appears to target the very existence of Israel, with hundreds of thousands worldwide seeking to join in a plan to “return” to and take over the original homes of their families in “Palestine” on May 15.

According to an in-depth report by L. Barkan, a research fellow at the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and analyzes media reports throughout the Middle East, the idea being circulated is “for millions of Palestinian refugees to march en masse in return to the original homes of their families in Israel.”

The movement’s plans call for this to be much more than just a visit, however….

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The Coming World War and The Aftermath That Could Set The Stage For the New World Order

The Coming World War and The Aftermath That Could Set The Stage For the New World Order
By John McTernan

If you have been following my blog, then you picked up on how I see the coming Middle East war. My vision of it is getting bigger by the week, until now I am convinced many people are going to think it is Armageddon. At first, I visioned the war as a large Middle East regional war in which Israel would be victorious. Now I see the war as world-wide that the aftermath will set the stage for the antichrist and the New World Order. This is going to be a massive war that is going to completely change the face of the world. It is going to destroy the world economy along with entire nations. After the war, there will be a new alignment of nations.

What I am seeing now is how the Islamic Mahdi could play a part in this coming war….

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Anti-Israel Bias at Baptist Press

Anti-Israel Bias at Baptist Press
Dr. Randy White

I’ve become increasingly distressed that Baptist Press, my own denominations news service, seems to have such a pro-Palestinian approach to coverage of issues in Israel. They primarily do not cover any of the significant events of Israel, and when they do it typically puts Israel in a bad light.

Two articles distributed March 29 are typical of the BP coverage. The first article contained these words:

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Mythical water pipe discovered in Israel

CITYsights: Mythical water pipe discovered

Piece by piece, the ancient water system leading to Jerusalem is being revealed in the City of David.

Here in Israel, we are well-versed in the need to protect our scarce water sources from contamination, and we’ve built the National Water Carrier in order to ensure that all of the country’s citizens have running water at all times. But what about ancient times? How did the denizens of biblical Jerusalem retain access to water throughout the year — and especially in wartime situations — when their main water source lay outside the walls of the city?

As Danny Herman explains in the video, the Bible tells us that when King David conquered the city of Jebus and made it into his capital, he exploited the city’s only weakness — a mysterious “pipe” that led water from the valley, under the walls and into the city.

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UN chief: Israel’s occupation is ‘morally, politically unsustainable’

UN chief: Israel’s occupation is ‘morally, politically unsustainable’
Ban Ki-moon calls on Israel and the Palestinian Authority to take advantage of this ‘crucial time’ to move peace talks forward and realize the two-state solution.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on Israel Wednesday to halt settlement building in the West Bank and put a stop to all forms of violence and incitement, the UN News Center reported.

Speaking in Uruguay at the UN Latin American and Caribbean Meeting in support of Middle East peace Ban said it was a “crucial time” for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

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Netanyahu to Abbas: You can’t have peace with both Israel and Hamas

Netanyahu to Abbas: You can’t have peace with both Israel and Hamas
Palestinian president willing to give up hundreds of million dollars in U.S. aid if necessary to forge a unity deal with Hamas, says top adviser.
By The Associated Press

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Monday that reconciliation between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas could spell the end of the peace process, after an aide to Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinian president would be willing to give up U.S. aid if needed to secure unity with the rival faction.

“You can’t have peace with both Israel and Hamas,” Netanyahu said. “Choose peace with Israel.”

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