Mythical water pipe discovered in Israel

CITYsights: Mythical water pipe discovered

Piece by piece, the ancient water system leading to Jerusalem is being revealed in the City of David.

Here in Israel, we are well-versed in the need to protect our scarce water sources from contamination, and we’ve built the National Water Carrier in order to ensure that all of the country’s citizens have running water at all times. But what about ancient times? How did the denizens of biblical Jerusalem retain access to water throughout the year — and especially in wartime situations — when their main water source lay outside the walls of the city?

As Danny Herman explains in the video, the Bible tells us that when King David conquered the city of Jebus and made it into his capital, he exploited the city’s only weakness — a mysterious “pipe” that led water from the valley, under the walls and into the city.

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