The Time is Ripe for Mass Anti-Semitism

Does anybody care? Have we not learned from history?

“It is my belief – not an original thought – that conditions are ripe again for mass Jew-hatred, this time all across the globe. Sadly, this is a biblical reality, as God said it would be so. He will rescue His people, however, partly to “redeem my Holy Name.” I do not fear for the Jews or for Israel, as many do. I do fear for those who are blind to the love God has for the Jews, and for people who are following in Eichmann’s footsteps.

Conditions in America are being created in which the Jews are once again being singled out as “Other.” They are being marginalized.,,,

It almost goes without saying that the Emergent crowd continues its drip, drip, drip ideological war with the Jews. One can see this readily in their blog postings, books, and speeches. I know the general range of speaking fees and book deals these guys are getting, and suffice to say they are getting rich spreading heresy. A major part of their plank is what I’d call their passive-aggressive stance toward Israel.”

From Hell
By Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

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