Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu offers condolonces and support to America

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened his AIPAC speech on May 23, 2011, by offering condolences on the recent tornadoes and flooding in America.

Netanyahu stated the following at the beginning of his speech:

“My friends, before I talk about things about Israel, I want to say something about the scenes on television that I saw today and you have been seeing as well.”

When tragedy strikes America, Israel… Israel feels an immediate identification; and tragegy has struck America.”

“In recent days, floods and tornadoes have claimed the lives of hundreds of Americans, including today in Joplin, Missouri.”

“All I can say is, America, we’re with you! On this day, on every day!”

Click here to see video of Netanyahu’s AIPAC speech.

Meanwhile back at home, as his country dealt with the aftermath of the worst natural disaster season in years, Obama celebrated his ancestral roots in Ireland with a pint (where his limo that flies around the world with him, The Beast, bottomed out at the US Embassy). Today he’s gone to visit the Queen in England, along with the the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud which is grounding airport flights.


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