Bashing Israel on Campus, from California to New York

Bashing Israel on Campus, from California to New York

By Stella Paul

Pop the champagne! It’s party time at the City University of New York (CUNY) for Israel-loathing professors. For years, they’ve gazed enviously at California, where academic anti-Semites can demonize and harass Jewish students to their hearts’ content, all at taxpayers’ expense. But why should California have all the fun?

And so, on Friday, June 3, CUNY will kick off its own Israel-bashing bacchanal by giving Tony Kushner an honorary degree. In case you missed the Kushner kerfuffle, he’s the playwright of Angels in America who’s obsessed with Devils in Israel, a country he views as so monstrously evil, it’s worse than Sarah Palin.

Basically, when you look up “crazy, far-left Jew” in the dictionary, you’ll find Kushner comes after Noam Chomsky and Norm Finkelstein, but before Howard Zinn.

According to Kushner, Israel is guilty of being a Nazi state that commits “ethnic cleansing”; its supporters are “repulsive”; its founding was a “moral calamity”; and it deserves boycotts, divestments, and sanctions. And that’s what he says when he’s being nice! But if you think the big story here is CUNY anointing Kushner with an honor, think again.

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Yom Yerushalim / Jerusalem Day

Yom Yerushalim / Jerusalem Day
JUNE 2ND, 2011

May God Bless Jerusalem and all of her lost souls, Jew & Arab alike, and may many come to a saving faith in The Messiah Yeshua. May He open the eyes of the Jews, the Moslems, and of the nominal Christians in the apostate, liberal, and idolatrous churches within her walls. May He richly Bless the saved believers of Jerusalem – Jew, Arab, and otherwise.

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Netanyahu on Jerusalem Day: This city is ours!

Priestly Blessings Were Recited on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – The First Time in History of Modern-Day Israel

Priestly Blessings Were Recited on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem – The First Time in History of Modern-Day Israel

By Dr. Jimmy DeYoung
Prophecy Today

Rabbi Israel Ariel, the head of the Temple Institute and one of the paratroopers who helped liberate the Temple Mount back in 1967, joined with other members of the priestly family and offered the priestly blessing on the Temple Mount, a first in the history of the modern-day Jewish state of Israel. Security precautions were implemented for all those wishing to ascend to the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day, the 44th anniversary of the reunification of the city of Jerusalem.

Despite the close proximity of the Moslem police forces always present on the Temple Mount and their obvious anger, this event went off without a hitch, an event that could be very explosive.

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EUSA Boycott of Israel Goods

EUSA Boycott of Israel Goods

Saturday, March 19, 2011, 2:11 AM

May I be permitted to say a few words to members of the EUSA? I am an Edinburgh graduate (MA 1975) who studied Persian, Arabic and Islamic History in Buccleuch Place under William Montgomery Watt and Laurence Elwell Sutton, two of Britain’s great Middle East experts in their day. I later went on to do a PhD at Cambridge and to teach Arabic and Islamic Studies at Newcastle University. I am the author of several books and hundreds of articles in this field.

I say all this to show that I am well informed in Middle Eastern affairs and that, for that reason, I am shocked and disheartened by the EUSA motion and vote. I am shocked for a simple reason: there is not, and has never been, a system of apartheid in Israel. That is not my opinion, that is fact that can be tested against reality by any Edinburgh student, should he or she choose to visit Israel to see for themselves.

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What really happened in 1948?

What really happened in 1948?

With country after country lining up to support the unilateral creation of a Palestinian Arab state in September, the Palestinian leadership is feeling increasingly confident in rewriting history.

In an op-ed piece published by the New York Times last week, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas claimed that after the UN decided to partition “Palestine” into Jewish and Arab states in 1947, the “Zionists” launched an unprovoked military offensive forcing surrounding Arab states to intervene.

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