Debating Israel and The Church

Debating Israel and The Church
Israel – Middle East
Friday, November 25, 2011
Alf Cengia

Last week I watched the Revelation debate between Dr. Calvin Smith and Stephen Sizer on the internet, which was originally presented on live television on the 9th November 2011. The subject was “Has the Church Replaced Israel?

Now I have mixed feelings about these events. A skillful debater can be dead wrong and yet come across as very convincing. If his opponent cannot counter an argument – even when it is fallacious – then the skillful debater can sway a crowd’s support to his own cause.

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2 Responses to Debating Israel and The Church

  1. Yisraels Redeemer says:

    this is certainly one of the most debated topics in the Christian Church today, with the stain of replacement theology, falling alongside with all those who hate Israel, it saddens me to see the church come down to this.

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