Iran ‘frightens me,’ Harper says

Iran ‘frightens me,’ Harper says

17/01/2012 5:14:36 PM
CBC News

There’s no doubt Iran is working on a nuclear weapon and lying about it, Prime Minister Stephen Harper tells CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge in an exclusive interview.

In an exclusive interview, Harper says the evidence, some from the International Atomic Energy Agency, is overwhelming that Iran has a nuclear weapons program.

“I think there is absolutely no doubt they are lying. Absolutely no doubt,” Harper said of Iran’s claims its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

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Stakelbeck on Terror: Defending Israel’s Biblical Heartland

Stakelbeck on Terror: Defending Israel’s Biblical Heartland

On this week’s edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, CBN News sits down with two leading advocates for Israel’s biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, also known as the West Bank.

David Ha’ivri, director of the Shomron Liaison Office, is an Orthodox Jew. Tommy Waller, founder and executive director of the humanitarian organization HaYovel, is an evangelical Christian.

Together they are drawing attention to the biblical significance of Judea and Samaria — where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob once walked — and why this area must always remain a vital part of the state of Israel.

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The Anti-Israel President

Obama – The Anti-Israel President


Obama: The Anti-Israel President – on The Jamie Glazov Show–-on-the-jamie-glazov-show-1-1-1/

Chrislam? Christian Palestinianism??

Chrislam? Christian Palestinianism??

by McMahon, T. A.
The Berean Call

Whenever we, as biblical Christians, think that things couldn’t possibly become more preposterous in Christendom, we need to call to mind the Scriptures that tell us that the time will come when Christians will not endure sound doctrine, and many will corrupt the Word of God (2 Timothy:4:3; 2 Corinthian 2:17; 2 Peter:3:16). The Apostle Paul further declares to Timothy that those who bring such doctrines shall turn people away from the truth to fables, that is, myths, of their own invention (2 Timothy:4:4; Titus:1:14). Today, such teachings and practices are increasing at a staggering rate—practices that range from the patently absurd to the insidious, even menacingly dangerous, both spiritually and physically.

Chrislam ? That attempt to combine Christianity and Islam in a common worship service would be a bad joke if it were a joking matter, but it’s far from it. As I understand it, this teaching began as a way to help stop the genocide and bring peace between Muslims and Christians in Africa. Sincere in its concern, no doubt, yet sincerely wrong. Muslims who truly follow the Qur’an, and Christians who believe what the Bible presents, regard Chrislam as a blasphemous contradiction of their beliefs.

Why? The differences, which are very apparent, cannot be reconciled…

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Chrislam? Christian Palestinianism?? – Audio Newsletter

Bethlehem to Host Church Conference Which Demonizes Israel

Bethlehem to Host Church Conference Which Demonizes Israel
Theologians who are breathing new life into a kind of demonology which criminalizes all Israelis will meet in Bethlehem in March.
By Giulio Meotti

Next March, the Bible College in Bethlehem will host dozens of US theologians, activists and ministries for the “Christ at the Checkpoint 2012 Conference”.

It is to be a major religious and political event meant to demonize Israel and to support the Palestinian Intifada against the “ethnocentric” Jewish State.

The impressive range of Christian theologians and pastors from many churches located in the United States make the gravity of the upcoming conference clear.

Samuel Rodriguez, President of the US National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, is a speaker.

Also attending are popular US preacher and “spiritual adviser” to Bill Clinton, Tony Campolo, and President of the World Evangelical Alliance and Asia Evangelical Alliance, Sang-Bok David Kim.

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Shunning an academic endorser of anti-Semitism

Shunning an academic endorser of anti-Semitism
Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz criticizes John Mearsheimer’s praise of a controversial text on Jewish identity.

by Alan Dershowitz

Imagine your son or daughter is admitted to the University of Chicago, one of the world’s most elite institutions of learning, and tells you that he has been lucky enough to have a course with one of the university’s most prominent professors, John Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Then imagine your child tells you that his favorite professor has just recommended that everyone should read a “fascinating and provocative” book that makes the following assertions of fact:

While the Holocaust “was not at all an historical narrative,” the “accusations of Jews making matzo out of young Goyim’s blood,” may be true (page 175, 185).

Jews caused the recent credit crunch, which the author calls “the Zio-punch” (page 22).

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