The Pro-Palestinian Campaign to Woo US Evangelicals

“A massive effort is going on in the heart of the American Evangelical Church to lure its members to the Palestinian side. There are approximately 100 million self-identifying Evangelicals in the U.S, of which a much smaller number is actively connected with their faith. There are probably about 15 million engaged Evangelical Millennials.

“It is severely mistaken to think that all Evangelicals are pro-Israel. Millennials are constantly being targeted with the Palestinian narrative through media, conferences, mentoring relationships, book publishing and social networks. Frequently shown films are: ‘Little Town of Bethlehem’ and ‘With God on Our Side.’”

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The Pro-Palestinian Campaign to Woo US Evangelicals


‘New evangelicals’ abandoning Israel–new-evangelicals-abandoning-israel.html and The End

Pro-Israel Group Takes Battle to Vancouver Stations

Pro-Israel Group Takes Battle to Vancouver Stations
StandWithUs will place pro-Israel posters in Vancouver Skytrain stations to counter recent anti-Israel posters.

StandWithUs,(SWU) a non-profit pro-Israel education and advocacy organization based in Los Angeles, will fight to counter the anti-Israel campaign which was launched throughout Vancouver transit sites in August.

Though StandWithUs has countered anti-Israel ads in the U.S. on travel lines since 2007, this will be the first time the organization will post ads in Canada. Their campaign will consist of placing posters in ten TransLink stations and will run beginning the week of October 14 until November 14.

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Israel PM Netanyahu’s Speech at the UN

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PM Netanyahu’s Speech at the UN


Netanyahu declares to world leaders: “In our time the Biblical prophecies are being realized.”

Israel will stand alone

Netanyahu at UNGA: Israel will stand alone if needed in preventing Iran nuclear weapons

NEW YORK – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took to the dais at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday to re-declare that Israel would never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Furthermore, he said, if Israel has to stand alone against Iran, it will, but with the knowledge that in defending Israel, “we will be defending many, many others.”

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