As Iran & White House claim victory, what will Israel & the Saudis do now?

Analyzing “the deal”: As Iran & White House claim victory, what will Israel & the Saudis do now?

(Washington, D.C.) — The deal is done. The Iranian leaders are claiming victory. The White House is claiming victory. Most European governments, as well as Russia, are claiming victory.

The Israeli government, meanwhile, is horrified. They, and many of their citizens, feel more isolated than ever. As I reported from Jerusalem, this was true before the deal was struck. It is even more true now.

“One [Israeli] radio host on Sunday repeatedly played clips of President Obama, during his visit here in March, reassuring Israelis, in Hebrew, that ‘you are not alone,’ and then said ominously, ‘We are in fact alone,’” reported the New York Times…

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The Iranian nuclear deal is done. Here’s what it says. Full text.

Why helping PH is an extra-special act to a Jewish community

Why helping PH is an extra-special act to a Jewish community

For the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, sending aid to typhoon-ravaged Philippines is not just a humanitarian act.

Instead, it is the perfect time to show gratitude to the Philippines, a land that “helped” save the lives of hundreds of Jews seven decades ago.

“A Philippine president, a globetrotting Jewish family named Frieder and the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, my organization, helped save the lives of more than 1,000 Jews who otherwise would have almost certainly died in the Holocaust,” Alan H. Gill, Chief Executive Officer of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee said in his column titled “In its time of need, repaying a debt to the Philippines,” published in JTA, a news source for Jews worldwide…

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The French-Israeli-Saudi Front Against Iran?

The French-Israeli-Saudi Front Against Iran?

Israel and Saudi Arabia are proving the old adage correct that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” The Iranian regime is their common enemy. Israel sees a nuclear armed Iran as an existential threat. Sunni Saudi Arabia worries that Shiite Iran with nuclear arms will be emboldened to threaten other Sunni Gulf governments and ultimately try to force its will on Saudi Arabia itself.

Thus, the Jewish state of Israel and the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia, certainly not friends in normal times, find themselves planning to join forces if necessary to stop Iran from crossing the nuclear arms finish line….

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UN Interpreter wonders aloud about Israel’s treatment

Netanyahu offers job to UN interpreter who assailed UN hypocrisy on Israel in open microphone

Interpreter wondered aloud why Israel was being treated unfairly.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu offered a nameless UN interpreter a job if she is fired from her UN position for saying in an open microphone that the world body treats Israel unfairly.

On Thursday, during a General Assembly committee’s adoption of nine anti- Israel resolutions, the interpreter wondered out loud and into the microphone that went into the headphones of the delegates in the hall, as well as to anyone watching online, why it was that Israel was singled out when there were so many other ills around the globe.

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French Leader Hollande in Israel

In Israel, Hollande says France won’t waver on Iran

In Israel, Hollande says France won’t waver on Iran

French president receives hero’s welcome for taking tough stance on Tehran’s nuclear program; Netanyahu: Paris is a ‘true friend’

France will uphold economic sanctions on Iran as long as the Islamic Republic does not prove it has taken serious steps toward curbing its nuclear program, French President Francois Hollande said Sunday at the opening of a state visit to Israel.

“France will not make concessions on nuclear proliferation,” Hollande pledged during a ceremony at Ben Gurion International Airport, upon his arrival. “France will maintain all its measures and sanctions until we are certain that Iran has renounced nuclear weapons.”

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The current Israel-US rift was only a matter of time

The current Israel-US rift was only a matter of time

Given their wildly different stances on the Mideast, is it any wonder the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government keep clashing?

In many ways, the most recent discord between Washington and Benjamin Netanyahu’s government was inevitable. It was really only a matter of time — for more reasons than just the personal tensions between Netanyahu and Barack Obama.

A deep abyss separates the two sides when it comes to their perspectives of the Middle East and the changes it has undergone in recent years.

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