About Israel Apartheid Week that just ended across the United States

The world from here: Hamas and BDS

Israel Apartheid Week, that just ended across the United States but continues with boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns across Europe, is widely misunderstood.

Many accept BDS as grass-roots pressure on Israel to complete the peace process and accede to a Palestinian state along the June 4, 1967 lines, with its capital in east Jerusalem. This is a fundamental misrepresentation. Much BDS and pro-Palestinian NGO activity in Europe and the United States is connected to radical Islamic groups and Palestinian terror organizations such as Hamas.

Hamas and its parent Muslim Brotherhood organization fuel and direct international BDS and anti-Israel political activities on hundreds of university campuses across the United States via the Muslim Students Association.

Many of the MSA’s 600 chapters in North America have been branded “extensions of the Muslim Brotherhood,” as the MB itself stated in its operational plan, captured in the FBI’s raid on the Holy Land foundation – a Hamas charity, in 2001.

During Israel Apartheid Week, pro-Palestinian BDS groups were heard (and documented on You- Tube) chanting on US campuses, “from the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free.” Scores of other Pro-Palestinian BDS groups that are active in Israel Apartheid Week, such as American Muslims for Palestine and Students for Justice in Palestine, have funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to Hamas. The Investigative Project revealed material support the American Muslims for Palestine provided to Hamas.

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