Untold Stories of Israeli Innovation

Anyone who’s visited an Israeli hospital, or seen the way the nation is reclaiming the desert (prepare to gasp if you get the chance to visit the Dead Sea region, and gaze upon acre-after-acre of palm groves, rising from what was once the moonscape of southern Israel) knows that Rosen is correct in making the case that Israel is no brutal occupier and oppressor of human rights. In fact, the tiny dynamo is all about virtue and compassion and startling innovation.

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Untold Stories of Israeli Innovation
by Jim Fletcher

Pope Francis’ Unfriendly Visit to Israel

Pope Francis’ Unfriendly Visit

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman were right when they blamed the noxious anti-Israel incitement rampant in Europe for Saturday’s murderous shooting attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels and the assault and battery of two Jewish brothers outside their synagogue in a Paris suburb later that day.

Anti-Israel incitement is ubiquitous in Europe and is appearing in ever-widening circles of the Western world as a whole.

Until this week, the Catholic Church stayed out of the campaign to dehumanize Jews and malign the Jewish state.

Pope Benedict XVI was perceived as a friend of Israel, despite his childhood membership in the Hitler Youth. . .

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The Wall

Is it a wall? Is it a fence? Is it a barrier of ethnic separation? 

Calev Myers with the Jerusalem Institute of Justice looks into why the barrier was built, what it actually is, and addresses some of the biggest myths surrounding this topic. . .

Israel at Peace, Palestinians at War

Israel at Peace, Palestinians at War

The recent breakdown in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and its apparent implications distorts the day to day reality in Israel. Furthermore, the comments made by John Kerry paint a bleak picture of a country on the verge of becoming a pariah in the international community, or at the least indicate that it would be fair for Israel to be treated that way. While many are predisposed regarding the prospects of the peace process and who is at fault for the most recent breakdown, for those seeking the truth, it is of utmost importance to understand the reality on the ground. If we can move past the ambiguous phraseology and political rhetoric used by the United States and the international community concerning the “peace process” and lamenting its deterioration, we can begin to understand a less harsher reality, whose implications are far from the ominous remarks that John Kerry has made recently and in the past.

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