PM to Presbyterians: Israel a vibrant democracy

PM to Presbyterians: Israel a vibrant democracy
At Taglit event, Netanyahu advises critics to go to Syria, Iraq and see ‘Christians prosecuted and minorities butchered’

After speaking harshly against the Presbyterian Church (USA) and its decision to divest from three Israeli companies on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday continued to jab at the religious group while speaking to Jewish youths touring Israel

Referencing the church’s decision to divest from three companies which it says benefit from Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, Netanyahu said “Israel is a vibrant, free and prosperous democracy that respects human rights. I suggest to those who are against Israel to go to Libya, Syria and Iraq. They will see Christians prosecuted and minorities butchered.”

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“Zionism Unsettled” guide removed from Presbyterian website

David Horowitz Freedom Center Launches

The launch of has been months in the making. Now it’s here, bringing you the latest and hottest coverage of Israel news, commentary from such luminaries as Caroline Glick, Robert Spencer, and Daniel Greenfield, among others, and pushback against anti-Israel bias in the media, on campus and in the non-profit world.’s team of reporters is dedicated to exposing stories the mainstream media won’t about Israel and its enemies – and to calling its enemies by their right names: Jew haters.

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Franklin Graham Urges Christians to Support Israel

Billy Graham’s Son Urges Christians to Support Israel

Franklin Graham, son of legendary Christian evangelist Billy Graham, urged fellow Christians last week to support the State of Israel, on both moral and religious grounds.
Speaking at a solidarity event at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC, the younger Graham, himself an accomplished minister and evangelist, said the Bible makes clear that modern Israel should be an important issue for Christians.
“I support Israel not only because I worship a Jew, but because of what the Bible says about Israel and the future of Israel,” he said.
Graham’s remarks come at a time when more and more Evangelical Christians are abandoning support of Israel in favor of a new theology of social justice that serves Palestinian nationalist aspirations.
One of the talking points of this new theology is that modern Israel can not and must not be directly associated with the Israel of the Bible, that today’s Jewish state is not, as people like Franklin Graham preach, a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.