Quote From One of Israel’s Greatest War Heroes: We Don’t Hate

To the Palestinian people of Gaza : We don’t hate you. We don’t wish you ill. We want only to live in peace side by side with you. When you come out of wherever you’ve been able to take refuge , ask yourself why Hamas never built you any shelters to protect you. They’re great at digging tunnels after all. They’ve dug them under our border , intending to murder as many of our civilians as possible; our women and children, gathered in agricultural village dining halls. Not soldiers, not warriors, but our women and children and old people.

So they’re good at building tunnels.

Why didn’t they build any for you to take shelter in?

-Major General (Ret) Avigdor Kahalani

Read more at:
In the company of heroes
by Dan Gordon, Capt. IDF (Res)
2 days ago


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