More on the upcoming Friends of Sabeel anti-Zionist mini conference . . .

For all those who have expressed a serious interest in attending next week’s anti-Zionist lectures by Gary Burge and Ron Dart, Olive Press is posting the following research helps:

To get an idea of Ron Dart’s view on Christian Zionism, watch a discussion between Prof. Ron Dart of UFV and Vladika Lazar about the phenomenon of Christian Zionism in Canada, here:

To understand the views of Dr. Gary Burge of Wheaton College as he shares about “Theology of the Land in the New Testament” at Christ at the Checkpoint 2012, watch here:

Also in regards to Gary Burge’s beliefs regarding Israel, the following is an excerpt from an article written by pro-Zionist warrior Jim Fletcher this August, during the height of the Gaza conflict. Please read the entire article if you plan to attend the mini conference next week.

Israel’s battle of the Burge
AUGUST 29, 2014 by Jim Fletcher

At a time when jihadists are not only slaughtering innocents, but also advancing their media war by using religious dupes in America to advance their political goals, it is distressing — catastrophic, really — to see Israel’s old enemies in the American church continue to blame the victim

Gary Burge, a professor of theology at Wheaton College, the storied evangelical institution in Chicago (and home of the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism), has penned another polemic that distorts the situation in Gaza.

Curiously, Palestinian apologists like Burge accept the label “evangelical” when in fact their ideologies align far more with mainline, liberal/leftist denominations. Others who fall into this camp are Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren, and Bill and Lynne Hybels. In fact, I believe they accept the evangelical label in order to dupe real evangelicals.
In an August 26 piece for The World Post (“A Partnership of the Huffington Post and Berggruen Institute on Governance”), Burge once again castigates Israel. An important initial reaction to note when reading “Gaza: Some Secrets Few Will Say Aloud” is that Burge never tells his readers that Gazans elected Hamas. An avalanche of such inconvenient facts is meaningless to a propaganda hack like Burge, whose animus for Jews and for Israel is now legendary.

(In a bizarre introduction to his post, Burge described sitting in a Phoenix airport and overhearing men advocate bombing Gaza “back to the stone age.” Burge then decided to move a few seats over because: “Besides. This was Arizona and I was in ‘conceal-carry’ central.” Did he really think he might be shot? This little aside allows Burge to caricature conservatives as wild-eyed loose cannons, literally.)

Much of what follows in his post is garden-variety Israel-bashing, as Burge begins by alleging that Israel, during the War of Independence, forced 750,000 Arabs from their homes. Comically, he cites Benny Morris and Ilan Pappe as authorities on this subject. No mention of the Jews forced from Arab countries in the same period, either.
He then gets into the numbers game regarding casualties since Operation Protective Edge began, telegraphing his lack of empathy over Jewish deaths: “And on the Israeli side: 67 (mostly) soldiers have died.”

Burge ends that section of his post with this:

“The bottom line: Israel has been actively bombing Gaza for a long time.”

Does Burge know this is factually not true? Would it matter if he did?


*Please read the rest of this article here:

Once again, these have been posted here for research purposes. Olive Press does not share the views of Burge or Dart on Israel or Christian Zionism.

For those who can’t find the details for their upcoming lectures next week, as well as the Friends of Sabeel anti-Zionist conference next spring, see previous post, or click here:

Anti-Zionist Lectures in Canada

UPDATE: Read about this event HERE.



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