Israeli Teams Meet Ebola Crisis Head-On

Israeli Teams Meet Ebola Crisis 
Head-On – Jim Fletcher

Marcella Rosen is committed to telling Israel’s story better. The latest global scare — Ebola outbreaks — is helping that work surge across cultural lines.

The New York chief of Untold News (white-hot on Facebook, with more than 370,000 “likes” currently) works with a team of researchers and writers to produce stories about the Jewish state that don’t often find their way into media.

Take for example the latest Ebola scare. And it is a scare.

The deadly disease has First World and Third World countries on edge, with Americans wondering why flights to and from afflicted West African nations are permitted to land in America. Elsewhere, fears are growing that the outbreak cannot be contained.

Rosen, though, is sure of one thing: Israel will come up with answers.

“Once again, Israel has heeded the humanitarian call…

…the truth is this: while the world’s attention has for decades been focused on one single dimension of Israeli life, something entirely different has been taking place away from the cameras: Israel has quietly become the little country that changed the world — and your life — for the better . . . without you even knowing it.”



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