Israel: More Friends Than Foes

Israel: More Friends Than Foes [Excerpts]

Headlines tell the frightening stories of the genocidal slaughter of believers abroad. Israel, too, is under attack— literally and figuratively. Part of this battle involves evangelicals turning away from Israel to support the creation of a Palestinian state.

This anti-Israel campaign repudiates biblical doctrine, endorses Arab revisionist propaganda and claims Israel is illegally occupying Arab land and imposing apartheid-like conditions on the Palestinians. Furthermore, Millennials are being recruited to fashion a pro-Palestinian evangelical opinion regarding the Israeli-Arab peace process.

While social media highlight this movement, they do not change the fact that the argument that evangelicals are deserting Israel is flawed.

Devotees of “Christ at the Checkpoint,” a group of evangelicals dedicated to reclaiming the “prophetic role in bringing peace, justice and reconciliation in Palestine and Israel,” are clearly pro-Palestinian. They embrace Replacement Theology, the belief that God is finished with Israel as a nation and has installed the church as the true “Israel of God.” This position negates God’s promises, etched in Scripture, of (1) Israel’s future restoration; (2) a Messianic Kingdom on Earth; and (3) glory for Jacob and his posterity, including full land rights to the inheritance in the Middle East. Undoubtedly, the Jewish return to Israel is theologically unsettling to Replacement practitioners. And gentlemanly disagreement has turned into a united front among Replacement adherents to discredit the opposition. This spring’s reconciliation between Hamas leaders in Gaza and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is a terrorist union based on absurdity. Purportedly, the agreement includes working toward a two-state solution that recognizes Israel’s existence.

Yet, Hamas has fired thousands of missiles into Jewish towns in an attempt to kill as many Israeli men, women and children as possible. Hamas’s very charter enshrines its commitment to eradicate Israel. Additionally, Abbas oversees an unremitting incitement campaign against Israel, praising suicide attackers who have drenched Israeli streets with innocent blood.

Professing believers in Christ who align themselves with anti-Semites defame Bible-believing Christians and demonize Israelis. . .

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