Israel’s aid team to Nepal larger than any other country’s

Israel’s aid team to Nepal larger than any other country’s
Field hospital begins work; nearly 2,000 Israelis evacuated since Saturday; just one Israeli remains unaccounted for
April 29, 2015

Israel’s aid team to the earthquake-battered Himalayan nation of Nepal is the largest in manpower of any international aid mission.
Over 250 doctors and rescue personnel were part of an IDF delegation that landed Tuesday in the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, in the wake of Saturday’s magnitude-7.8 earthquake that devastated large swaths of the mountainous country, killing at least 5,000 and leaving some 8,000 wounded and tens of thousands seeking shelter and food.


Never forget… Never again

Obama decries anti-Semitism in Remembrance Day message
‘Never forget. Never again,’ US president says, joining European Union in call to combat ‘far too common’ Jew-hatred

US President Barack Obama called for a forceful stand against anti-Semitism in a message marking Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“It is incumbent upon us to make real those timeless words, ‘Never forget. Never again.’ Yet, even as we recognize that mankind is capable of unspeakable acts of evil, we also draw strength from the survivors, the liberators, and the righteous among nations who represented humanity at its best,” Obama said.

“With their example to guide us, together we must firmly and forcefully condemn the anti-Semitism that is still far too common today.

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Anti-Zionist Church Extremism

Later this month, Canadian Friends of Sabeel will hold a conference on “overcoming Christian Zionism.” Sabeel describes itself as an “ecumenical Palestinian liberation theology centre” that is “working for justice, peace and reconciliation in Palestine-Israel.” In reality, it is a group that promotes a misrepresentation of events in the Middle East. The conference slated for Vancouver is explicitly aimed at undermining Israel among its North American Christian supporters.

Conservative Christians have been among Israel’s most reliable bloc of friends in troubled times. Like any bedfellows, the Zionist-Christian alliance brings with it complexities. While some Christians use Zionism as a back door to evangelizing or view Christianity as a “successor” religion to Judaism, for example, there are also many in the Christian Zionist movement who respect the integrity of Judaism.

The upcoming conference is co-sponsored by three Christian churches.

The United Church of Canada, for decades but especially in recent years, has adopted a heavily anti-Israel approach to global affairs. Their sponsorship of this event is not surprising. The Presbyterian Church in Canada is also supporting this event, though this, too, is not shocking, given that the American branch of the Presbyterian Church has been beset by anti-Israel agitation and last year voted to divest itself of some Israeli holdings.

What is surprising – and worrisome – is the role of the Anglican Church of Canada as co-sponsor of this conference. Two years ago, the church passed a resolution that made some attempts at balance but was marred by typical anti-Israel boilerplate. With their co-sponsorship of this Sabeel event, the Anglican church has thrown itself unequivocally off the fence.


Campus, church extremism
April 3, 2015


Know the truth about the next anti-Israel propaganda conference

***Is Mennonite Church USA soon to join these denominations in their anti-Israel extremism?
Mennonites Walk Barton’s Bridge (discerning Anti-Israel BDS Resolutions)

Anti-Semitism on Campus

Campus, church extremism
Friday 03rd, April 2015

Last week, students at the University of British Columbia rejected a referendum question that would have urged the student society to boycott Israeli businesses and products.

But the news was by no means all good when the results came in last Friday night. In fact, more students voted yes in support of BDS (boycotts, divestment, sanctions) than voted no. The question was defeated effectively on a technicality, with the number of students voting yes failing to reach quorum. Therefore the question failed.

Students were asked: “Do you support your student union (AMS) in boycotting products and divesting from companies that support Israeli war crimes, illegal occupation and the oppression of Palestinians?” The yes side received 3,493 votes, 2,223 students voted no and 435 registered their abstentions. To pass, the vote required 4,130 yeses, representing eight percent of eligible students.

In this, too, there is good news and bad news. The low turnout indicates that students at the university have better things on their mind than the conflict between Israel and its neighbors. It has become increasingly clear in recent years that the anti-Israel movement on college campuses in North America is comparatively small. Yet the damage this narrow group of extremists can do to the comfort and security of Jewish and Zionist students – and to the broader objective of an inclusive, welcoming environment – has been serious and detrimental.

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Anti-Israel Masquerade

The anti-Israel Sabeel conference will be taking place this month at an Anglican church in Vancouver, B.C., Canada (April 23-25). The theme is “Seeking the Peace of Jerusalem: Overcoming Christian Zionism in the Quest for Justice.” Sabeel may masquerade behind the “peace and justice” costume, but this appears to be the opposite of who they are. Not only do they promote boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel, research has uncovered Sabeel’s associations with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (responsible for the recent terror attack that killed four Rabbis in an Israeli synagogue). Even so, this group will be using Canada’s free speech rights to spread their message. Will they continue to mock Canada’s pro-Israel Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his MP’s who defend Israel, and misrepresent pro-Israel Christians as heretics, while spreading their Palestinian Liberation Theology (that claims Jesus was a Palestinian martyr)?

Who will challenge this masquerade?

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Know the truth about the next anti-Israel propaganda conference


Connecting the dots: Canadian Friends of Sabeel and the PFLP terror group

Christian Icons of Propaganda – Sabeel and Desmond Tutu
by Christine Williams
March 29, 2015

Netanyahu to Obama: Iran deal threatens Israel’s survival

Netanyahu to Obama: Iran deal threatens Israel’s survival
PM tells president agreement based on new framework would ‘legitimize Iran’s nuclear program, bolster its economy, increase its aggression and terror in Mideast and beyond

A nuclear deal with Iran based on the political framework reached in Switzerland between Tehran and the P5+1 world earlier Thursday “threatens the survival of the State of Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US President Barack Obama during a phone call to discuss the accord

Obama phoned Netanyahu hours after the framework was struck. Netanyahu has been strongly opposed to the emerging deal, arguing that it does not have the necessary safeguards and will pave the way to a nuclear Iran.

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Defeatist Obama’s deal with the devil!

UBC students reject boycott against Israel

UBC students reject boycott against Israel
Lauren Kramer, Pacific Correspondent, Monday, March 30, 2015

VANCOUVER — A student referendum at the University of British Columbia on boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel failed to pass last week after the yes side didn’t get the required percentage of votes.
Among students who chose to vote on whether they want their student union to support the BDS campaign against Israel, 3,493 voted “yes” and 2,223 voted “no.” The referendum required a quorum of 4,130 “yes” votes, or about eight per cent of UBC’s 48,000 students, in order to pass.
“We are proud to announce that after a long and rough campaign period, we have succeeded in keeping BDS off of our campus!” the group UBC Students Against BDS said in a statement. “This is a great day for peace and dialogue at UBC.”

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