Israeli warplanes strike Gaza targets after rocket attack

Contrary to the media bias in Time Magazine’s Headline Fail . . .

Israeli warplanes strike Gaza targets after rocket attack

The Israeli Air Force attacked four targets in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday morning, following an earlier rocket attack on Israeli territory, the IDF spokesperson said.

The IDF identified the targets, in the southern part of the coastal enclave, as terror infrastructure.

The army added that it viewed the Tuesday rocket attack on Israel with severity and it holds Hamas responsible.

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Israel’s Burning Man

One more proof that Israel offers more freedom than her surrounding nations.

Dust and ashes: Israel’s Burning Man explodes in the Negev
Desert art festival with 7,000 goes forth despite challenges with police permits, two bomb disposals and a fatal heart attack

The Man burned. Towering five stories over a temporary city of 7,000 people near Sde Boker for the five-day Midburn festival, the effigy central to the Burning Man Festival lit up in flames as scheduled on Friday night, shooting out swirls of hot air and fire across an ecstatic crowd.

Held from May 20-24, Midburn is a combination of the Hebrew word for desert, “midbar” and “burn.” The festival is modeled after the annual one-week Burning Man event held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Participants set up a temporary city celebrating a communal life style, radical self-expression, creativity, art, and self-reliance. After paying for their ticket and bringing all of their supplies, there is no money exchanged, except for ice.

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What is it about?

Carl Teichrib explains the Burning Man Festivals here:

Transformational Festivals — CARL TEICHRIB of Forcing Change.

A Look At The Burning Man – From The Inside–from-the-indie

BDS really stands for Bullying, Delegitimizing and Slandering!

BDS really stands for Bullying, Delegitimizing and Slandering!

In my travels, I meet a lot of people from the Evangelical Christian community. Many of them have never heard of BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) and frankly, this frightens me. This movement has picked up a lot of momentum in the past few months and has become quite pervasive.

I find it ironic that most of the people taking such a political stand have very little knowledge of how it got started and by whom. This decade old movement was started in 2005 by the Palestinian civil society. They claim that Israel must meet three obligations for BDS to stop:
1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967 and dismantling the Wall;
2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and
3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194.

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It’s no secret. The President of the United States, Barack Obama, despises Israel. But what is even more apparent is his hatred for Israel’s leader, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. We now know that Obama did everything possible behind the scenes to sabotage Netanyahu’s recent re-election. Fortunately, Obama’s attempts to undermine Netanyahu’s campaign backfired. When Israeli citizens saw Obama’s open disdain for their Prime Minister, it turned the election — which had been a tight race — into a landslide victory for Netanyahu.

In my opinion, Israel’s decision to re-elect Bibi Netanyahu may have been as much a vote against Obama as a vote in favor of Netanyahu. Even when Barack Obama first ran for the office of US President in 2008, polls showed that a vast majority of Israelis opposed him. Unlike a majority of American Jews at the time, Israeli Jews did not trust Obama. His very pro-UN positions on Israeli/Palestinian issues deeply concerned them. Yet, despite his well-known positions Americans voted him into power; then elected him a second time, fully aware of what he stood for.

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Antisemitism and Anti-Israelism on Campus

Antisemitism and Anti-Israelism on Campus

Daubing swastikas on walls has always been a deliberate way to convey hostility— a short-hand for inspiring hate, fear and intimidation.

A college fraternity at Stanford University was vandalized with swastikas and other written epithets in late April.

Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., also suffered recent attacks, with swastikas found in a campus library in April and one scratched into a student’s car in January 2014.

Reading of this vandalism, I was reminded of an incident I experienced in the fifth grade, some 55 years ago. . .

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Boycotting the Boycotters

What happens when the boycott is directed to the people who want to boycott Israel? Read about how a movement to boycott supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions is gathering momentum, here:

Boycotting the Boycotters: Anti-BDS Movement Gains Legal Momentum
Reactions from the anti-Israel crowd? Fury and panic.

Vatican recognizes state of Palestine

Vatican recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty
Jerusalem says move not conducive to peace, will consider ‘next steps’ after Holy See announcement ahead of weekend meeting between pope, Abbas

The Vatican officially recognized the state of Palestine in a new treaty Wednesday, drawing criticism from Jerusalem.

The treaty, which was finalized Wednesday but still has to be signed, makes clear that the Holy See has switched its diplomatic relations from the Palestinian Liberation Organization to the state of Palestine.

The Vatican had welcomed the decision by the UN General Assembly in 2012 to recognize a Palestinian state.

But the treaty is the first legal document negotiated between the Holy See and the Palestinian state and constitutes an official recognition.

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