Israelis who hate Israel—and the Christians who fund them

Israelis who hate Israel—and the Christians who fund them
Using church funds, Zochrot promotes a “de-Zionized Palestine,” meaning free of Jews.

While most Israelis celebrated 67 years of independence last week, a fringe Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO) hopes this year will be the last for the Jewish state. Zochrot, a tiny radical anti-Zionist group, was established with the aim of “rais[ing] public awareness of the Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe” in Arabic)” and “recognizing and materializing the right of return,” an agenda equivalent to calling for the abolishment of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. With no local support base or constituency, Zochrot operates only through generous funding from a coterie of foreign Christian aid organizations.

Read more and see who funds this (including Christian Aid (U.K.), the Mennonite Central Committee (Canada), and the United Church of Canada), here:

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