Israel – Nothing Short of a Miracle

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“According to the Wall Street Journal, Israel is the second most educated country in the world, placing behind Canada and ahead of Japan. While there were 64,000 Israelis enrolled in higher education institutions in 1984, there are currently 306,000 enrolled in colleges and universities across the country. Of the 148 countries analyzed, Israel ranks first in innovative capability, second in entrepreneurship, and third in global innovation.

Over the last 20 years, the Israeli economy grew by 180%, while the number of residents increased by only 45%. Israel ranked 19th on the United Nations Human Development Index, which uses life expectancy, education, and income to calculate its results — ahead of Belgium, Austria, France and Finland.

Let us conclude with an interesting figure. The U.N.’s 2015 World Happiness Report, released last week, found that Israelis are happier than most people in the Western world. Israel ranked 6th among the OECD states and 11th overall, out of 156 countries worldwide.”

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Israel is nothing short of a miracle

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