Israel’s Burning Man

One more proof that Israel offers more freedom than her surrounding nations.

Dust and ashes: Israel’s Burning Man explodes in the Negev
Desert art festival with 7,000 goes forth despite challenges with police permits, two bomb disposals and a fatal heart attack

The Man burned. Towering five stories over a temporary city of 7,000 people near Sde Boker for the five-day Midburn festival, the effigy central to the Burning Man Festival lit up in flames as scheduled on Friday night, shooting out swirls of hot air and fire across an ecstatic crowd.

Held from May 20-24, Midburn is a combination of the Hebrew word for desert, “midbar” and “burn.” The festival is modeled after the annual one-week Burning Man event held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Participants set up a temporary city celebrating a communal life style, radical self-expression, creativity, art, and self-reliance. After paying for their ticket and bringing all of their supplies, there is no money exchanged, except for ice.

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