Nobel winners to flock to Israel, ignoring campus boycott push

Nobel winners to flock to Israel, ignoring campus boycott push
The BDS movement has scored some victories recently – but Israeli academia racks up one with august August gathering

While the BDS movement is using its brawn – in the form of boycott power – to urge companies to stop doing business with Israel in protest of its policies vis-vis the Palestinians, the Jewish state is responding with its brain – or rather, it has attracted the brain power of nearly two dozen Nobel laureates, who will arrive in Israel in August for five days of discussions, panels, and research.

And despite the growing strength of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement on college campuses, the Nobel winners, all of whom have prestigious positions at universities around the world – as well as hundreds of students, professors, and other guests – have accepted invitations to two events surrounding the Nobel laureates, Foreign Ministry officials said.

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