Israel Braces for Propaganda Assault by the U.N.

Israel Braces for Propaganda Assault by the U.N.

by Joseph Klein

The United Nations Human Rights Council is set to shortly release a so-called fact-finding report on the war last year in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, prepared by its “commission of inquiry.” The report is scheduled for “debate” by the Human Rights Council members on June 29th. The only thing that is likely to be debated is which member of this hypocritical body, consisting of some of the world’s worst human rights abusers, gets to use the most strident adjectives to condemn Israel for alleged “war crimes and “crimes against humanity.”

As Yair Lapid, the chairman of Israel’s centrist Yesh Atid party said in predicting a one-sided anti-Israel report, it will further prove that the United Nations has “lost its mind.”

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The Truth About Israel The World Doesn’t Like to Admit

Actions speak louder than words…

It’s so easy to condemn and make up facts without checking what is reality. The people speaking on this video, have made up their minds and will not let the facts confuse them. Yet public opinion is swayed by what public figures say.

Speak out. Israel is a democracy and gives Israeli Arabs full rights (and at times practices affirmative action).

Say it like it is. Israeli respects human rights and dignity and only falls back upon force when threatened and attacked.

Be honest. Israel respects the rights of the Palestinians and treats them in Israeli hospitals.

Many Muslims respond with hatred, deligitimitize Israel, attack Israelis verbally and physically, create historical fiction and blame Israel for it.

The Muslim world has been succesful in its propaganda crusade. We need to stand strong and refute the lies.

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The Truth About Israel The World Doesn’t Like to Admit

The MOST Important Video About Israel You’ll Ever See!

The Most Important Video About Israel Ever Made

Join Dennis Prager of Prager University as he gives a lucid and knowledgable synopsis of the Middle East conflict. Although his explanation is based on historical fact, these facts are becoming murkier and murkier as the Moslem countries of the Middle East attempt to rewrite them.


Oxford and the Crisis of the University
by Dennis Prager

Video warns ‘Zionists’ that car attacks are coming

Video warns ‘Zionists’ that car attacks are coming
Animated clip, posted to Shehab News Agency’s Facebook page, shows vehicle hitting victim at bus stop

A music video clip posted to a Palestinian news agency web page on Wednesday warns “Zionists” that they can be killed at any time in a car attack and advises they “run away” before being sent to their graves . . .

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Stephen Sizer and Friends Are No Friends of Israel

Has Stephen Sizer gone too far?


Sizer Claims Christian Zionists the Same as ISIS and Al Qeada
October 13

Rev Stephen Sizer, notorious anti-Zionist, appears yet again on Iranian propaganda channel Press TV, denting his academic credibility even further, as he claimed his fellow Christians who support Israel – Christian Zionists, are really no different from ISIS or Al Qaeda (3:38)! However Christian Zionists, even in their “extreme form”, (which is defined as supporting building homes for the wrong people (Jews) in the wrong place), are not chopping off people’s heads, slaughtering people who hold the wrong theology or practice, nor selling non-Muslim girls in to sex slavery. When Christianity was involved in its own Jihad during the Crusades, it was not Christian Zionists who took up arms, rather those who believed God had cast off the Jews and taken their land from them who went to war, urged on by clergymen like Sizer!

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Sizer in Iran to Talk Christian Jihad Against Israel
October 2

Stephen Sizer

Crusading Anti-Zionist vicar Stephen Sizer is in Iran once again, this time to “expose” the Zionist lobby in England at an anti-Israel conference in Tehran. Presumably RPP will feature in his presentation to all those peace-loving anti-Zionist moderates gathered in Iran, as we made his official Zionist Lobby listing here.

Sizer is also quite happy to implicate his fellow Christians who support Israel, to the gathered hordes of Israel haters by shaping them all into one, easy to stereotype, big Zionist Lobby. Sizer doesn’t even think the Jews were the Chosen People! One can only imagine what wonders of nuance and moderation Sizer will display with is talk titled “Christian Jihad vs. Christian Zionism”? or his part in the discussion group pejoratively titled “Christian Responsibility against Systemic Iniquity”

. . . So not only is Sizer a patsy for the Iranian regime’s propaganda channel Press TV, he will also travel to their propaganda conference in Iran. Sizer is used to sharing conference podiums with extreme anti-Semites whilst claiming he is not. . .

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Stephen Sizer


Stephen Sizer has been very busy spreading his message since 2004, when Paul Wilkinson, after attending the Sabeel conference at its beginning, saw him here:

“…the Lord prompted me so clearly to go out to Israel for the very first time and witness this movement called Sabeel, and see all these evangelical leaders assembling in Jerusalem, basically, to condemn Israel, to condemn the United States for supporting Israel, and to condemn all Christians for supporting Israel based on a literal interpretation of the Word of God, and that’s where I met men like Stephen Sizer, Gary Burge, Donald Wagner—leading evangelicals within the Anglican and Presbyterian churches who, as I mentioned in a previous program, lined up with Yasser Arafat and gave him their support and their endorsement, and that shows you the power of this movement I’ve termed, “Christian Palestinianism,” that Yasser Arafat would want to meet with this group involved with the Sabeel conference.”

Source: Paul Wilkinson, T. A. McMahon & Paul Wilkinson (Part 4)

In 2010, Stephen Sizer was prominently featured in the anti-Israel film “With God on Our Side.”[1] Besides Sizer, the cast of this movie also included Ron Dart and Gary Burge.

Next week Gary Burge and Ron Dart, Sizer’s associates and partners in his anti-Israel campaign, will be speaking at a mini conference[2] in Canada.

Next spring, Gary Burge and another associate of Sizer’s, Donald Wagner, will be speaking at the upcoming Friends of Sabeel Conference[3] in Canada.

Pro-Israel Canadians who are very proud of their Prime Minister’s staunch support of Israel can either hang their heads in shame that such conferences could take place on Canadian soil, or they can plan to attend and support Israel.


[1] See: Turning Churches Against Israel @
Also see: 2010 Film “With God on Our Side” – Championed by Jim Wallis, Tony Campolo, Brian McLaren & Steve Haas (World Vision) – Has Changed the Minds of Evangelicals
By Jan Markell of 
Olive Tree Ministries



Church of England Vicar Denies Backing “Anti-Semitic Hate-fest” in Iran


By Ben Shapiro

On Wednesday, on the first anniversary of President Barack Obama’s speech to the United Nations in which he called for ouster of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, Obama attempted to rally support for his airstrikes against Assad’s terrorist opposition. Taking on issues ranging from Iran to Russia, from Ukraine to Syria, from global warming to Ebola, Obama pledged to utilize American might in service to the United Nations, speaking grandly of the beauty and power of the world’s least effective and most morally bankrupt international institution. . .

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