Israel: The World’s First Modern Indigenous State

Israel: The World’s First Modern Indigenous State
by Ryan Mervin Bellerose

The following essay by Ryan Mervin Bellerose a pro-Israel native-rights activist in Alberta, Canada – first published on the israellycool blog ( and then on Calgary United with Israel – explains “why Jews are indigenous to the Land of Israel and why Palestinians are not.”

I am a Métis from Paddle Prairie Metis settlement [in Canada]. My father, Mervin Bellerose, co-authored the Métis Settlements Act of 1989, which was passed by the Alberta legislature in 1990 and cemented our land rights. I founded Canadians for Accountability, a native rights advocacy group, and I am an organizer and participant in the Idle No More movement in Calgary. And I am a Zionist.

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Harper: Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so

Harper: Canada supports Israel because it is right to do so
Harper stresses Canada’s strong bond with Israel, saying ‘Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state is absolute and non-negotiable’, apologizes for Nazi-era negligence, denounces boycotts of Jewish State – and is heckled by Arab parliamentarians

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed the Knesset on Monday as part of his four-day visit to Israel and the West Bank. He became the first Canadian leader to address the Israeli government.

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Welcoming Remarks by PM Netanyahu and PM of Canada Stephen Harper

Netanyahu lauds Harper’s ‘moral leadership’ upon arrival to Israel

Netanyahu lauds Harper’s ‘moral leadership’ upon arrival to Israel
PM welcomes his visiting Canadian counterpart, praising “great friend of Israel, Jewish people”.

With the ceremonial trappings generally reserved for kings and presidents, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warmly greeted his Canadian counterpart Stephen Harper to Jerusalem on Sunday, praising him for his “courage, clarity and convictions.”
“You are a great friend of Israel and the Jewish people,” Netanyahu said at an unusual welcoming ceremony held at the Prime Minister’s office. “I am not just saying that, I mean it deeply from the bottom of my heart, and I am speaking for all of the people of Israel.”
One diplomatic official said that the ceremony, which included an honor guard, trumpets blaring, and a long receiving line, was unusual for anyone but heads of state, and was meant to underline Israel’s appreciation to Harper and Canada.

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Why is Stephen Harper one of Israel’s staunchest supporters?

Why is Stephen Harper one of Israel’s staunchest supporters?
Visiting Israel on Sunday, the devout evangelical Christian prime minister gains little with his support, and may be paying a price

TORONTO (JTA) — It took seven years, but one of Israel’s staunchest allies among world leaders will be making his maiden voyage to the Jewish state on Sunday

In announcing the trip last month at a Jewish National Fund dinner, where he was being honored, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper called Israel “a light of freedom and democracy in what is otherwise a region of darkness” and pledged that the Jewish state “will always have Canada as a friend.”

Since his election in 2006, the Conservative prime minister has been full throated, unapologetic and seemingly indifferent to consequence in his support for Israel.

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Why is Canada’s evangelical Christian Prime Minister heading to Israel?

Lessons for Obama from Canada

Stephen Harper’s deceased father a key influence in PM’s support for Israel

Stephen Harper’s deceased father a key influence in PM’s support for Israel
PM has called his father the ‘greatest influence’ on his life
Mark Kennedy

OTTAWA — His father was an army cadet too young to see active service in the Second World War but who swore never to forget the horrors of the Holocaust.

So when Stephen Harper was growing up in Toronto with his two brothers, he learned from his dad, Joseph Harper — a man he later described as the “greatest influence” on his life.
Joseph Harper, an accountant who became a member of the Presbyterian Church, was a student of military history who despised totalitarianism.

He had seen what it can produce, how Hitler’s Nazis had obliterated six million Jews from the face of Europe. He understood why the Jews wanted a Jewish state called Israel to prosper and be safe.

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