Obama seeks confrontation with Israel

Obama seeks confrontation with Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the intensifying global pressures on Israel is ‎to firmly reject any further territorial withdrawals that would put Israel’s security at risk, ‎stating that “Israel will not lose hope for peace, but neither will it cling to false hope.”‎

He was also forthright about his intention to continue residential construction in Jerusalem, ‎noting that “all previous Israeli governments have done so. … It is also clear to the Palestinians ‎that these territories will remain within Israel’s borders in any deal.”‎

The Obama administration’s response to Israel’s confirmation that it would continue to create ‎homes in the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem was vindictive, brutal, and in stark contrast to ‎its deafening silence on Palestinian incitement.‎

The State Department went so far as to accuse Israel of acting “illegally” and in a manner ‎‎”incompatible with the pursuit of peace.” ‎

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