Targeting Evangelicals for ‘Palestine’

Targeting Evangelicals for ‘Palestine’

Certain that U.S. support for Israel depends on pro-Israel American evangelicals, the Religious and Evangelical Left are targeting evangelicals with their latest arguments for discrediting Israel.

This week, “Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding” (EMEU) convened at a San Francisco Presbyterian church to hash out their latest anti-Israel strategies. Ostensibly the problem as they identify it is that too many U.S. evangelicals are wedded to Old Testament promises of a perpetual Promised Land for the Jews. Anti-Israel activists like to showcase besieged Middle East Christians as arguments against a Jewish Israel, as though Judaism rather than radical Islam were their chief threat. They also like to portray Christian Zionists as motivated by apocalyptic end-times scenarios.

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First Strike

First Strike

By Jim Fletcher
Prophecy Matters

“Jerusalem will never return to the state it was in on the eve of the (1967) Six-Day War, that I promise you.”

Those words this week from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu let the world know that the Jewish state will not be intimidated by Iran, or anyone else.

The Israelis even test-fired their own missile this week, one capable of reaching Iran. And now the Americans are engaged, checking on the possibility that Israel will consider a first-strike on the Iranians.

Whatever they do, it will be creative. And Iran will go the way of other threats from the past. This of course speaks to one of my favorite subjects, the absolute authority of Scripture.

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The great Palestinian lie

The Peace Plan, Israel, Rick Warren and the Lie

There is a group linked to Rick Warren’s PEACE plan that has a leftist, false view of reality in Israel and insists that genocide is going on in “Palestine.” Jim Fletcher of Prophecy Matters says that this is diabolical and explains further, with the promise of much more to come, here:

The Peace Plan Is a Lie