The Truth About Israel The World Doesn’t Like to Admit

Actions speak louder than words…

It’s so easy to condemn and make up facts without checking what is reality. The people speaking on this video, have made up their minds and will not let the facts confuse them. Yet public opinion is swayed by what public figures say.

Speak out. Israel is a democracy and gives Israeli Arabs full rights (and at times practices affirmative action).

Say it like it is. Israeli respects human rights and dignity and only falls back upon force when threatened and attacked.

Be honest. Israel respects the rights of the Palestinians and treats them in Israeli hospitals.

Many Muslims respond with hatred, deligitimitize Israel, attack Israelis verbally and physically, create historical fiction and blame Israel for it.

The Muslim world has been succesful in its propaganda crusade. We need to stand strong and refute the lies.

Please watch the video here:

The Truth About Israel The World Doesn’t Like to Admit

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